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Zoom IQ AI app

Analyzes and summarizes meetings.

Why Install Zoom IQ AI to replace a human task?
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What is Zoom IQ AI?

Zoom ChatGPT Plugin is a collaboration tool that enables teams to modernize their workflows with a suite of features. The platform includes video meetings, team chat, VoIP phone, webinars, whiteboard, contact center, and events. It also offers hybrid and virtual events with Zoom Events for impactful virtual experiences. Zoom Rooms brings meeting spaces online, while Zoom Spaces offers solutions for every space. Zoom Contact Center is an omnichannel cloud solution optimized for video with tools like cloud contact center and virtual agents to engage customers and deliver intelligent support with conversational AI. Additionally, Zoom provides services for all design, strategy, implementation, event, and hardware needs for expert support. Zoom has an open platform that allows developers to build Zoom apps and integrations. The platform also includes resources such as Docs & Guides to build on Zoom's platform using APIs, Webhooks, and SDKs, and Developer Tools to evaluate and build with their solutions. Zoom has a Partner Program that brings Zoom's communications platform to

TLDR: AI for Analyzes and summarizes meetings. Copy and paste these prompts into Zoom IQ.

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Who is Zoom IQ AI for?

1. Business teams looking for a modern collaboration tool.
2. Event organizers looking for virtual and hybrid event solutions.
3. Contact centers looking for cloud-based omnichannel support solutions.
4. Developers looking to build Zoom apps and integrations.
5. Partners looking to bring Zoom's communications platform to market.

Analyzes and summarizes meetings. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Zoom IQ?

Zoom is a versatile collaboration tool that can be used for a variety of business and personal use cases. Here are five potential use cases:

1. Remote Work: With the rise of remote work, Zoom has become a popular platform for virtual meetings, team collaboration, and remote training. Companies can use Zoom to conduct daily stand-up meetings, host virtual conferences, and train employees remotely. Zoom's screen-sharing and whiteboard features make it easy to collaborate on projects, and its recording feature allows team members to refer back to meetings at a later date.

2. Education: Zoom is also a popular tool in the education sector, allowing teachers and students to connect remotely and facilitate distance learning. Teachers can use Zoom to conduct virtual classes, hold office hours, and provide one-on-one tutoring. Zoom's breakout room feature allows teachers to split students into smaller groups for discussions and group work.

3. Healthcare: Zoom is also being used in the healthcare industry to provide telemedicine services. Doctors can use Zoom to conduct

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