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Zekai AI app

Automated text generation for various applications.

Why Install Zekai AI to replace a human task?
Artificial Intelligence and Creativity Data Management and Analysis SEO and Marketing Shopping items Social Media Management

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What is Zekai

Zekai is an AI platform that helps retailers sell their products 8x faster by providing tools such as SEO-optimized product descriptions, unique ad text, blog and social media posts, hashtags, and the ability to create or edit product images1.

Retailers can benefit from Zekai by using its AI-powered tools to optimize their operations and increase efficiency. The platform’s deep learning algorithms analyze massive amounts of data from various sources to generate actionable insights that can help retailers sell their products faster and more effectively.

TLDR: AI for Automated text generation for various applications. Copy and paste these prompts into Zekai.

Zekai Prompts

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Zekai - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Zekai for?

1. For Education
2. For Retailers
3. For Media

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What are the use cases for Zekai?

1. Generate questions, do homework, correct grammar, write theses, stories, or books, make projects, and create images for them, among other tasks.
2. Sell your product 8x faster.
- SEO optimized product descriptions.
- Create unique ad texts.
- Write blog posts.
- Craft social media posts.
- Utilize relevant hashtags.
- Create or edit product images.
- And more.
3. Generate ideas, designs, and prototypes in seconds.
- Create unique content like ad texts.
- Craft mottos.
- Write song lyrics.
- Compose poems.
- And more.

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