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VNSplit AI app

Condenses voice notes in chats.

Why Install VNSplit AI to replace a human task?
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What is VNSplit

VNSplit is an AI tool that provides detailed summaries of voice notes across different messaging platforms such as iMessage and WhatsApp. It eliminates the need to listen to lengthy voice notes and provides lightning-fast results in as low as 2 - 20 seconds depending on the length of the audio. VNSplit is a privacy-focused tool that deletes all audio messages immediately after they have been summarized and does not store any summarized text sent to users. The tool currently supports over 50 languages, and summaries can be provided with extreme accuracy. There is no need to download an app to use VNSplit, making it easy for users to get started within seconds. The cheapest plan available is around $2/month, and users can manage their subscriptions through the Stripe subscription portal. The tool's multilingual support enables it to summarize voice notes in ten different languages, and it works on WhatsApp as well. Overall, VNSplit is an efficient, reliable, and privacy-focused tool that simplifies the process of listening

TLDR: AI for Condenses voice notes in chats. Copy and paste these prompts into VNSplit.

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Who is VNSplit for?

1. Busy professionals who receive a lot of voice notes but don't have the time to listen to them in full.
2. Language learners who want to practice their listening skills by receiving summaries of voice notes in different languages.
3. People with hearing impairments who may struggle to understand lengthy voice notes.
4. Journalists or researchers who need to transcribe interviews or conversations quickly and accurately.
5. Anyone who values their privacy and wants to ensure that their audio messages are not stored or shared without their consent.

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What are the use cases for VNSplit?

VNSplit can be used in a variety of business and personal settings. Here are some potential use cases:

1. Business meetings: VNSplit can be used to summarize audio recordings of business meetings, making it easier for participants to review key points and action items.

2. Customer service: VNSplit can be used by customer service teams to quickly summarize customer feedback received through voice messages, allowing them to respond more efficiently.

3. Language learning: VNSplit's multilingual support makes it a useful tool for language learners who want to practice listening comprehension.

4. Journalism: Journalists can use VNSplit to quickly summarize interviews and press conferences, allowing them to write articles more efficiently.

5. Legal proceedings: VNSplit can be used by lawyers to summarize audio recordings of depositions and court proceedings, making it easier to review key points and prepare for trial.

6. Personal use: VNSplit can be used by individuals to quickly summarize voice messages from friends and family, saving

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