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Visily AI app

Create UI wireframes easily.

Why Install Visily AI to replace a human task?
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What is Visily AI?

Visily is an AI-powered wireframe tool that enables teams of all sizes and skills to easily create app wireframes. It is designed to be user-friendly and is well suited for both non-designers and designers alike. With quick wireframing and ideation, high fidelity mockups, prototyping, and presentation capabilities, users can create stunning app wireframes with minimal effort. The tool also features team collaboration and an AI assistant to help non-designers create production-ready designs. Additionally, Visily provides resources such as a help center, release notes, press room, blog, community, and more. Overall, Visily is a great tool for product design.

TLDR: AI for Create UI wireframes easily. Copy and paste these prompts into Visily.

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Who is Visily AI for?

1. Small business owners who want to design apps on a budget.
2. Freelance designers who need a fast and efficient wireframing tool.
3. Startup founders who want to quickly visualize their product ideas.
4. Non-designers who need an intuitive tool to create wireframes for their projects.
5. Design teams who want a collaborative platform for creating app wireframes.

Create UI wireframes easily. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Visily?

1. Product Design: Visily can be used by product design teams to create wireframes and prototypes for new apps or products. The AI assistant can help non-designers quickly create production-ready designs, while designers can use the tool to create high fidelity mockups and collaborate with their team members.

2. User Experience Design: Visily can be used by user experience (UX) designers to create wireframes and prototypes that help define the user journey and identify pain points in the app design. The tool's prototyping and presentation features allow designers to test and iterate on their designs with real users.

3. Marketing: Visily can be used by marketing teams to create wireframes for landing pages, email templates, and other marketing materials. The tool's quick wireframing and ideation features allow marketers to quickly prototype and test different designs before committing to a final design.

4. Education: Visily can be used by educators and trainers to create wireframes and prototypes for instructional materials, such as online

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