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Upheal AI app

Automated mental health progress notes with analytics.

Why Install Upheal AI to replace a human task?
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What is Upheal AI?

Upheal AI-Powered Progress Notes Tool for Mental Health Professionals is an innovative software that streamlines the therapy note-taking process. Upheal offers an intelligent assistant that transcribes therapy notes and provides video calling and analytics capabilities designed specifically for mental health professionals. The tool saves clinician time spent on tedious note-taking by creating DAP-informed progress notes at each session, which can be edited and merged with manual input if desired. The software also provides analytics that identify repeating themes, coping strategies, diagnosis markers, and drug mentions on a per-session basis, allowing clinicians to quickly understand critical trends or insights about their patients. Upheal also provides guided consent collection, end-to-end encrypted video calls, and HIPAA-compliant storage for secure data protection.

The software can be used for both remote and in-person therapy sessions, with audio recordings uploadable for later transcription. Upheal currently offers early access for therapists to use for free, with plans to charge for it in the future. The

TLDR: AI for Automated mental health progress notes with analytics. Copy and paste these prompts into Upheal.

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Who is Upheal AI for?

1. Licensed mental health professionals, including therapists, psychologists, and social workers.
2. Private practices and clinics offering mental health services.
3. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations with mental health departments.
4. Government agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, which provide mental health services to their employees and patients.
5. Schools and universities with counseling and mental health services for students.

Automated mental health progress notes with analytics. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Upheal?

1. Mental Health Clinics - Upheal can be used by mental health clinics to streamline their progress note taking process, saving time and reducing errors. The tool's analytics capabilities can also be used to identify trends and patterns in patient behavior, which can help clinicians tailor their treatment plans more effectively.

2. Private Practices - Private mental health practices can benefit from Upheal by improving their record-keeping processes and reducing the administrative burden on clinicians. The tool's video calling capabilities also make it easy for therapists to conduct remote sessions with their clients.

3. Hospitals - Hospitals can use Upheal to improve the quality of care for mental health patients by providing clinicians with better insights into their patient's mental health. The tool's analytics can also be used to identify potential warning signs for mental health issues, allowing clinicians to intervene before they become more serious.

4. Employee Mental Health Programs - Companies can use Upheal as part of their mental health programs, providing employees with access to mental health professionals

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