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Trypromptly AI app

Generated chatbots and apps.

Why Install Trypromptly AI to replace a human task?
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What is Trypromptly

Promptly ChatGPT Plugin is a no-code platform that empowers users to easily build generative AI applications and chatbots. Promptly's platform supports all major model providers, including OpenAI, Cohere, Stability AI, Hugging Face, and more. With the ability to chain multiple models together, users can create powerful generative applications with models from different providers.

One of Promptly's key features is its ability to import data from a variety of sources, including Web URLs, Sitemaps, PDFs, Audio, PPTs, and more. This allows users to connect to LLM models and create supercharged generative AI applications and chatbots.

Promptly's embeddable chat widgets make it easy to integrate conversational AI applications into websites. Users can customize the look and feel of the chatbot, including adding a logo for the bot. With Promptly ChatGPT Plugin, users can upload their own data as PDF, pptx, media files,

TLDR: AI for Generated chatbots and apps. Copy and paste these prompts into Trypromptly.

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Trypromptly - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Trypromptly for?

1. Small business owners who want to add a chatbot to their website without the need for coding.
2. Marketing professionals who want to create generative AI applications for their clients.
3. Educators who want to create interactive chatbots for their students.
4. Customer service teams who want to automate their responses with a chatbot.
5. Individuals who want to create their own personal AI assistant for productivity and organization.

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What are the use cases for Trypromptly?

Sure, here are five potential use cases for Promptly:

1. Customer Service Chatbots: Promptly can be used to create chatbots for customer service. These chatbots can provide customers with quick and efficient support, answering frequently asked questions and directing customers to the right resources. This can help businesses save time and money by reducing the need for human customer service representatives.

2. Lead Generation Chatbots: Businesses can use Promptly to create chatbots that engage with potential customers and collect their information. These chatbots can ask qualifying questions and provide relevant information to help convert leads into customers. This can help businesses generate more leads and increase their sales.

3. Personalized Content Creation: Promptly can be used to create generative AI applications that generate personalized content for users. For example, a news website could use Promptly to create an AI application that generates personalized news articles based on a user's interests. This can help businesses increase engagement and keep users coming back for more.

4. Virtual Personal

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