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Fine-tunes and deploys models without coding.

Why Install Trudo AI AI to replace a human task?
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What is Trudo AI AI?

Trudo AI is a no-code platform that simplifies the process of fine-tuning OpenAI GPT3 models. It allows users to train, deploy and track the performance of their OpenAI projects in real-time using an intuitive user-interface. Trudo AI enables users to enhance their models with memory using spreadsheets without requiring coding skills. The platform supports both prompt and completion and converts multiple columns for prompt or completion into JSON format automatically. Additionally, Trudo AI supports multiple integrations and can interface directly with OpenAI API, as well as with other APIs like Zapier and It has gained a reputation as the preferred platform for fine-tuning GPT3 models among both technical and non-technical individuals. With Trudo AI, users can go to production within hours instead of weeks.

TLDR: AI for Fine-tunes and deploys models without coding. Copy and paste these prompts into Trudo AI.

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Trudo AI - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Trudo AI AI for?

1. Data scientists looking to fine-tune OpenAI GPT3 models without coding skills
2. Business analysts seeking to enhance their projects' performance with memory using spreadsheets
3. Developers who want to generate accurate results using relevant data in their CSV files
4. Startups and small businesses looking for a no-code platform to simplify the AI development process
5. Researchers and academics exploring natural language processing and computer vision applications using OpenAI technology.

Fine-tunes and deploys models without coding. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Trudo AI?

Trudo AI has a wide range of potential business and other use cases. Here are five potential use cases:

1. Content Creation: Trudo AI can be used to create high-quality content for marketing campaigns, social media posts, and other content marketing initiatives. The platform can be used to fine-tune GPT3 models to generate relevant, engaging, and accurate content. This can save businesses time and money by automating the content creation process.

2. Customer Service: Trudo AI can be used to create chatbots that can provide customer service 24/7. The platform can be used to fine-tune GPT3 models to understand customer queries and provide relevant and accurate responses. This can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the workload on customer service teams.

3. Fraud Detection: Trudo AI can be used to detect fraud in financial transactions. The platform can be used to fine-tune GPT3 models to identify suspicious patterns and anomalies in financial data. This can help businesses detect fraud

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