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TeacherMatic AI app

Assisted resource creation and assessment for educators.

Why Install TeacherMatic AI to replace a human task?
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What is TeacherMatic

Teachermatic is an AI-powered platform designed specifically for teachers to reduce their workload and focus more on students. It uses GPT-3 technology to revolutionize teaching, learning, and assessment. Teachermatic offers various AI-generated tools to ease the burden on educators, including lesson planning assistance, multiple-choice question maker, scheme of work generator, rubrics generator, and class question generator, among others. The AI-powered generators use advanced language processing algorithms to understand the teacher's input, making it easier to create high-quality resources for the classroom, such as worksheets, lesson plans, and activities. Teachers can easily create a wide range of learning objectives based on Bloom's taxonomy's six cognitive learning domains and develop engaging and relevant questions for their students using the class question generator. Teachermatic also offers a glossary generator that allows teachers to quickly create a glossary for any topic or subject, as well as an AI rubric generator to save teachers time and effort in creating grading criteria for assessments.

TLDR: AI for Assisted resource creation and assessment for educators. Copy and paste these prompts into TeacherMatic.

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Who is TeacherMatic for?

1. Teachers in primary schools
2. Teachers in secondary schools
3. Teachers in higher education institutions
4. Homeschooling parents
5. Education consultants and trainers.

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What are the use cases for TeacherMatic?

1. Education Sector: Teachermatic can be used by schools, colleges, and universities to improve the quality of education and reduce the workload of teachers. The platform can be integrated into the existing learning management system to provide AI-generated resources to teachers, such as lesson plans, worksheets, and assessments.

2. Corporate Training: Teachermatic can be used by companies to train their employees. The platform can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization and provide AI-generated resources to trainers, such as training manuals, assessments, and quizzes.

3. Language Learning: Teachermatic can be used by language schools and institutes to provide AI-generated resources to language teachers. The platform can be used to create lesson plans, activities, and assessments that are tailored to the needs of each student, making language learning more effective and engaging.

4. Professional Development: Teachermatic can be used by professional development providers to offer AI-generated resources to teachers and trainers. The platform can be used to create training materials

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