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Tactiq AI app

Real-time conversation transcription and summary.

Why Install Tactiq AI to replace a human task?
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What is Tactiq AI?

Tactiq AI Plugin is a Chrome extension that can be accessed by users to automatically transcribe conversations held in Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams meetings in real-time. It uses Open AI's GPT-3 technology to generate meeting summaries, action items, and agendas for the next meeting. It also provides speaker identification and timestamps to ensure accuracy and provide context for the conversation. Tactiq also offers engagement analytics and integrates with Google Docs, Notion, Confluence, Slack, Calendars, and other third-party applications to make it easy to share and save transcripts. The app is trusted by over 250,000 users in 8,000 organisations and has been officially recognised as a Google Cloud partner.

TLDR: AI for Real-time conversation transcription and summary. Copy and paste these prompts into Tactiq.

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Tactiq - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Tactiq AI for?

1. Business professionals who frequently hold virtual meetings and need a way to efficiently capture and organize meeting notes and action items.
2. Students and educators who want to easily transcribe and review lectures or classroom discussions.
3. Individuals with hearing impairments who require real-time transcription to participate fully in virtual meetings.
4. Remote workers who want to stay engaged in meetings without having to take manual notes.
5. Anyone who simply wants a more efficient way to capture and store information from virtual meetings.

Real-time conversation transcription and summary. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Tactiq?

There are numerous potential business and personal use cases for Tactiq. Here are five examples:

1. Meeting Transcription: Tactiq can be used to automatically transcribe meetings held in Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams. This can be helpful for companies that have numerous meetings and need to keep track of important discussions, decisions, and action items. It can also be useful for individuals who want to keep a record of their meetings for future reference.

2. Meeting Summaries: Tactiq uses GPT-3 technology to generate meeting summaries and action items for the next meeting. This can save time and effort for companies that have multiple meetings and need to share important information with other team members. It can also be useful for individuals who want to quickly review the main points of a meeting.

3. Speaker Identification: Tactiq is capable of identifying speakers and providing timestamps for accuracy and context. This can be helpful for companies that have discussions with multiple participants, and need to know who

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