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Swapp AI app

BIM models and docs generation automation.

Why Install Swapp AI to replace a human task?
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What is Swapp AI?

SWAPP AI-powered tool is designed to automate and simplify the construction documentation and BIM modeling processes. With SWAPP, architects can create accurate and detailed construction documents and BIM models in just a few minutes, which significantly reduces project duration and manual labor hours. This technology leads to cost savings of up to 75% and three times faster project delivery. SWAPP's technology is ideal for architecture-related businesses, especially those specializing in constructing educational structures and multi-family buildings. By integrating SWAPP's technology, architects can increase their firm's profitability, growth, and technological proficiency while focusing on creative design rather than managing the detailed drawing production process. SWAPP's revolutionary features, such as advanced BIM practices and seamless revisions, make it one of the most audacious AI tools for automating detail design work and producing drawings, which could shape the future of architecture. Overall, SWAPP is a reliable assistant that delivers projects on time.

TLDR: AI for BIM models and docs generation automation. Copy and paste these prompts into Swapp.

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Who is Swapp AI for?

1. Architects
2. Construction companies
3. Engineering firms
4. Developers
5. Government agencies involved in infrastructure development and planning.

BIM models and docs generation automation. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Swapp?

1. Architectural Firms: SWAPP can be used by architectural firms to automate the creation of construction documents and BIM models. This can lead to significant cost savings and faster project delivery times, increasing profitability and growth potential for the firm.

2. Construction Companies: Construction companies can use SWAPP to streamline their planning and construction processes, reducing manual labor hours and project duration. By using SWAPP, construction companies can maintain higher levels of accuracy and efficiency, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

3. Educational Institutions: SWAPP's advanced BIM capabilities make it an ideal tool for educational institutions that need to design and construct new buildings. The tool can help these organizations better plan their construction projects, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

4. Real Estate Developers: Real estate developers can use SWAPP to create detailed architectural plans for their construction projects, improving accuracy and reducing the risk of costly mistakes. This can help developers better plan their projects, leading to faster delivery times and increased profitability.


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