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Online summarization of texts and articles.

Why Install Summary Box AI to replace a human task?
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What is Summary Box AI?

Summary Box is an AI-powered online tool that provides users with the ability to create abstractive summaries of articles and text with ease. The tool uses advanced AI technology to analyze information and write summaries in its own words. It also allows users to summarize Youtube videos, PDFs, and Google Docs. A premium subscription includes a time-saved tracker, a summary length slider, bookmarks, and test questions features. Summary Box is available as a free extension for Chrome.

TLDR: AI for Online summarization of texts and articles. Copy and paste these prompts into Summary Box.

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Who is Summary Box AI for?

1. Students - Summary Box can be useful for students who need to quickly summarize articles for research papers or studying.
2. Researchers - Researchers can use Summary Box to save time by quickly summarizing articles and determining whether they are relevant to their research.
3. Journalists - Journalists can use Summary Box to quickly summarize articles and keep track of the articles they have read for their reporting.
4. Professionals - Professionals in various fields can use Summary Box to keep up with industry news and advancements without spending too much time reading lengthy articles.
5. Content creators - Content creators can use Summary Box to quickly summarize articles and use the key points as inspiration for their own content.

Online summarization of texts and articles. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Summary Box?

As an AI-powered online summarization tool, Summary Box can be useful for businesses and individuals in a variety of ways. Some potential use cases for the tool include:

1. Content Creation: Content creators, such as bloggers or social media managers, can use Summary Box to quickly generate summaries of articles or research papers relevant to their niche. This can help save time and effort, while also ensuring that the content they create is accurate and informed.

2. Research: Students and researchers can use Summary Box to summarize lengthy articles or research papers for their academic work. This can help them quickly and efficiently gather the information they need, without having to spend hours reading through dense and complex texts.

3. News & Media: Journalists and news outlets can use Summary Box to quickly generate summaries of breaking news stories or press releases. This can help them get the news out faster, while also ensuring that their reporting is accurate and up-to-date.

4. Business Intelligence: Business professionals can use Summary Box to generate summaries

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