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Sharing family history research.

Why Install Storied . AI to replace a human task?
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What is Storied . AI?

Storied is a family history tool that utilizes AI to offer a next-generation approach to genealogy. Users can access the app via their web browser and easily start a new family tree from scratch or upload a family tree from another site. Storied offers several features such as stories, groups, family trees, connections, historical record search, and newspaper search, making it an all-in-one family history experience. With Storied, users can search millions of records and capture stories and relationships beyond the traditional family tree, providing a complete and accurate family history. The AI-powered tool also allows users to add people to their family tree with any connection, making it possible to capture a complete and accurate family history. Additionally, Storied provides a private group feature, where users can easily share their family history and memories among friends and loved ones in a safe and secure place. The web app offers an affordable pricing plan, making it accessible to everyone, with access to billions of records and newspapers for

TLDR: AI for Sharing family history research. Copy and paste these prompts into Storied ..

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Who is Storied . AI for?

1. Individuals interested in discovering and preserving their family history.
2. Genealogists and historians looking for a comprehensive family history tool.
3. Families wanting to create a collaborative space to share memories and stories.
4. Elderly individuals wanting to record and share their life experiences with loved ones.
5. Adoptees and individuals searching for their biological family members.

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What are the use cases for Storied .?

1. Genealogy Research: Storied can be used by professional genealogists or researchers to uncover previously unknown connections and historical records, providing them with a wealth of information for their research.

2. Family History Preservation: Families can use Storied to preserve their family history for future generations. They can upload photos, stories, and historical records to create a comprehensive family archive that can be shared with family members across generations.

3. Educational Tool: Storied can be used as an educational tool to teach students about history and genealogy. Teachers can use the platform to create lesson plans focused on family history research.

4. Corporate History: Companies can use Storied to preserve their corporate history and tell their story. This can be used as a marketing tool to build brand loyalty and promote the company's values.

5. Non-Profit History: Non-profit organizations can use Storied to document their history and create a comprehensive archive. This can be used as a marketing tool to build

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