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SteosVoice AI app

Voice synthesized content creation & gaming.

Why Install SteosVoice AI to replace a human task?
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What is SteosVoice AI?

SteosVoice is a brand that provides an AI tool called SteosVoice (formerly CyberVoice) that enables users to create ultra-realistic speech synthesis with high quality sound. It is designed for content, mod and game creators who want to create unique, engaging content and monetize their voice. With over 50 voices in 15 languages, SteosVoice offers a wide range of options for users to choose from. The tool generates over 25,000 hours of audio every day, making it an excellent choice for dubbing videos, indie games, mods, podcasts, and audio books.

SteosVoice provides 44.1K WAV files, which ensures high-quality sound for the audio generated. It also offers a Telegram Bot, API, and BrandVoice to help creators create and monetize their content. The tool is perfect for creating new stories with different voices, congratulating patrons on special occasions, creating voiceovers for websites and news, and creating voice donations on streams. Additionally, it

TLDR: AI for Voice synthesized content creation & gaming. Copy and paste these prompts into SteosVoice.

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Who is SteosVoice AI for?

1. Content creators who want to add high-quality voiceovers to their videos, podcasts, and other content.
2. Mod creators who want to add unique voices to their games or modifications.
3. Game developers who want to dub their games in different languages for a broader audience.
4. Patrons who want to create personalized voice messages for their supporters or fans.
5. Audiobook publishers who want to create audio versions of their books with different voices.

Voice synthesized content creation & gaming. on these platforms

What are the use cases for SteosVoice?

SteosVoice (formerly CyberVoice) offers a wide range of use cases for businesses and individuals, including:

1. Dubbing videos: SteosVoice provides high-quality voice synthesis in multiple languages, making it a great tool for dubbing videos. This is particularly useful for companies looking to reach a global audience, as they can create localized versions of their content in multiple languages.

2. Creating audio books: SteosVoice's ultra-realistic speech synthesis is perfect for creating audio books. This can be a great way for authors to monetize their content and reach a wider audience, as well as for publishers to create new revenue streams.

3. Podcasts: SteosVoice can be used to create engaging podcasts with unique, realistic voices. This can be a great way for podcasters to stand out in a crowded market and attract new listeners.

4. Voice messages for patrons: SteosVoice can be used to create personalized voice messages for patrons, such as congratulating them on special occasions or

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