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SQL query guidance and support.

Why Install SQLGPT AI to replace a human task?
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What is SQLGPT

SQL GPT is an AI tool that assists users in writing and comprehending SQL queries. It is designed to improve database management skills by providing expert guidance and support. With this tool, users can easily import their database schema and generate custom queries. It allows users to select tables and enter specific query details. SQL GPT provides several benefits to registered users, such as a higher rate limit for API requests, the ability to use one's API keys and select openAI model, stored database schemas for later use, access to request history, and more. This tool is still in beta version and is continuously improving to meet the needs of database management professionals. SQL GPT is built with ❤️ in Bali and is available to users worldwide.

TLDR: AI for SQL query guidance and support. Copy and paste these prompts into SQLGPT.

SQLGPT Prompts

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Who is SQLGPT for?

1. Database administrators who need assistance in generating complex SQL queries.
2. Data analysts who want to improve their SQL skills and create more efficient database requests.
3. Business owners who require access to data insights and need to generate SQL queries for reporting purposes.
4. Programmers who need to work with SQL databases and require assistance in writing code.
5. Students studying database management who require guidance and support in learning SQL.

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What are the use cases for SQLGPT?

There are various potential business use cases and other use cases for SQL GPT, including:

1. Data Analysis: SQL GPT can be used to perform advanced data analysis and generate complex SQL queries. It can help businesses extract meaningful insights from their data, such as identifying customer preferences, market trends, and business opportunities. This can lead to better decision-making and improved business outcomes.

2. Database Management: SQL GPT can assist businesses in effectively managing their databases. It can help them create new tables, update existing tables, and perform other database-related tasks. This can save time and resources, and ensure that the database is functioning optimally.

3. E-commerce: SQL GPT can be utilized by e-commerce businesses to manage their inventory, track sales, and analyze customer data. It can help them optimize their pricing strategies, identify popular products, and improve customer retention.

4. Healthcare: SQL GPT can be used in the healthcare industry to manage patient data, track medical records, and generate


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