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SpotGPT AI app

Website assistant for searching and chatting.

Why Install SpotGPT AI to replace a human task?
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What is SpotGPT AI?

SPOTGPT is a Chrome extension that allows users to search or chat with OpenAI's Chat GPT on any website. With this plugin, users can easily access Chat GPT on any website using a simple spotlight search or by initiating a chat with the AI. This plugin is customizable, and users can use their own Open API key to access Chat GPT anywhere. There is a one-time purchase required, and users will receive free lifetime updates and new features. The API key is stored locally in the user's browser, ensuring security. Additionally, SPOTGPT offers a Floating Button that is available on any website, allowing users to easily initiate a search or start chatting with Chat GPT. Support for any issues or queries can be reached at Overall, SPOTGPT is a cost-effective and customizable solution for users who want to use Chat GPT on any website.

TLDR: AI for Website assistant for searching and chatting. Copy and paste these prompts into SpotGPT.

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SpotGPT - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is SpotGPT AI for?

1. Students who need quick access to information while researching online.
2. Bloggers or content creators who want to easily generate ideas for their content.
3. Customer service representatives who need to quickly respond to customer inquiries.
4. Business professionals who want to improve their productivity by using Chat GPT to complete tasks.
5. Language learners who want to practice their language skills by having conversations with Chat GPT.

Website assistant for searching and chatting. on these platforms

What are the use cases for SpotGPT?

SPOTGPT can be used in various business and personal use cases, including:

1. Customer support: SPOTGPT can be used by customer support teams to quickly answer customer queries and provide real-time assistance on any website. The Chat GPT feature can provide personalized responses to customers, improving their overall experience and satisfaction.

2. Research: Researchers can use SPOTGPT to search for information on any website quickly and efficiently. The spotlight search feature can help them find specific information, while the Chat GPT feature can provide insights and answers to complex questions.

3. Marketing: SPOTGPT can be used by marketers to gather customer feedback and insights from any website. The Chat GPT feature can engage with customers and provide personalized recommendations, improving their overall experience and increasing brand loyalty.

4. Education: SPOTGPT can be used by educators to provide personalized learning experiences to students. The Chat GPT feature can answer student queries and provide insights on any website, improving their overall

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