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Splash AI app

Mobile music production w/ virtual festival & community.

Why Install Splash AI to replace a human task?
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What is Splash AI?

Splash ChatGPT Plugin is an AI-powered music platform that enables users to create original music and sing lyrics to any melody. The platform is designed to bring the joy of music making to everyone, by offering various AI-powered tools that make music creation accessible to all users, regardless of their experience level. Splash also hosts a virtual music festival that combines music and gameplay, making it a fun and interactive experience for its users.

The Splash app is available on iOS and Android, allowing users to make and share music on the go. The app is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that even beginners can navigate. The Web version of Splash brings together a community of musicians to create and share music. Users can customize, download, and discover new artists, and connect with other musicians from around the world.

Kai is the face of Splash, a 16-year-old who never ages and is currently working on an EP using 100% AI vocals. Kai represents the future of music

TLDR: AI for Mobile music production w/ virtual festival & community. Copy and paste these prompts into Splash.

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Splash - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Splash AI for?

1. People who have an interest in music but lack the technical background to create it
2. Amateur musicians looking to experiment with new sounds and techniques
3. Music teachers looking for a fun and interactive way to teach their students
4. Gaming enthusiasts looking for a new type of gaming experience
5. Social media users looking to add original and unique music to their content.

Mobile music production w/ virtual festival & community. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Splash?

1. Music Education: Splash can be used as an educational tool to teach music creation and composition to students. This can be used in schools and music conservatories to create a more engaging and immersive experience for students.

2. Music Therapy: Splash can be used as a therapeutic tool for people with mental health issues, as it provides a creative outlet for expressing emotions. This can be integrated into mental health clinics and hospitals to help patients with anxiety, depression, and other issues.

3. Gaming Industry: Splash's virtual music festival can be integrated into the gaming industry to create more engaging and interactive game experiences. This can be used by game developers to attract and retain players, as well as create new revenue streams through in-game purchases.

4. Social Media: Splash's mobile app can be integrated into social media platforms to allow users to share their music creations with their followers. This can be used by influencers and celebrities to engage with their audience and create new content for their profiles.

5. Advertising Industry:

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