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Songmastr AI app

Instant song mastering with a commercial standard.

Why Install Songmastr AI to replace a human task?
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What is Songmastr AI?

Songmastr ChatGPT Plugin is an AI-based automatic song mastering service that enables users to master their songs to a commercial reference track effortlessly. The service utilizes the open source library Matchering to apply the same RMS, FR, peak amplitude, and stereo width as the reference track selected by the user. Songmastr is a free service that allows up to 7 songs per week without any registration or software installation. All users need to do is upload their song or beat from their computer, and the processing will begin automatically. Once it's finished, a download button will appear, and users can download the mastered song. The service only accepts songs of up to 10 minutes and 80MB in length due to server limitations. Examples of audio mastering can be viewed in the examples section. With Songmastr ChatGPT plugin, mastering your songs has never been easier.

TLDR: AI for Instant song mastering with a commercial standard. Copy and paste these prompts into Songmastr.

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Songmastr - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Songmastr AI for?

1. Music producers who want to quickly master their tracks without the need for expensive software or professional help.
2. Independent musicians who are looking to improve the quality of their recordings before uploading them to streaming platforms.
3. Podcasters who want to enhance the audio quality of their episodes for a more professional sound.
4. Video content creators who need to improve the sound quality of their videos for their audience.
5. Sound designers who want to quickly master sound effects for use in films, games or other multimedia projects.

Instant song mastering with a commercial standard. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Songmastr?

1. Music production companies: Songmastr can be used by music production companies to automate the mastering process of their large music catalogs. This can save a significant amount of time and resources while ensuring that the final output meets industry standards.

2. Independent artists: Independent artists can use Songmastr to master their tracks without the need for expensive mastering software or hiring a professional mastering engineer. This can help them save money while ensuring that their music is of a high quality and ready for distribution.

3. Podcasts and audio content: Podcasters and other content creators can use Songmastr to improve the overall sound quality of their audio content. This can help them attract more listeners and improve the listening experience for their existing audience.

4. Radio and television stations: Radio and television stations can use Songmastr to ensure that their audio content meets industry standards for loudness and overall sound quality. This can help improve the overall listening experience for their audience.

5. Audio production training: Songmastr can

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