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Smudge AI app

Assisted color palette generator.

Why Install Smudge AI to replace a human task?
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What is Smudge AI?

Smudge Colour Palette App is a developer tool that helps in choosing, converting, organizing, and sharing colours commonly used in projects. The app is available for download on iPhone, iPad, and Mac and comes with built-in AI assistance. With Smudge, users can choose a colour from a colour picker or enter colour values to convert them into HESmudge, RGB and Swift codes. The app also allows users to organize colours by grouping them into various palettes for each project or brand and to name individual colours and add notes on each palette. Additionally, palettes can be shared with other members of a design team, and permissions can be set for each person who is given access. Smudge also offers AI colour extraction features that enable users to generate palettes from objects, scenes, or other elements. However, some of these AI features require subscription with monthly usage limits. Overall, Smudge is a useful tool for developers and designers who frequently work with colour palettes and need to share them within a team

TLDR: AI for Assisted color palette generator. Copy and paste these prompts into Smudge.

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Who is Smudge AI for?

1. Developers who work on web or mobile applications and need to choose and organize colour palettes for their projects.
2. Graphic designers who create logos, branding materials, and other visual assets that require specific colour schemes.
3. UI/USmudge designers who design interfaces for websites and apps and need to ensure consistent use of colours across different screens and components.
4. Marketing professionals who create digital campaigns and need to use brand colours in their designs.
5. Students or hobbyists who are learning about colour theory and want to experiment with different colour combinations.

Assisted color palette generator. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Smudge?

Potential business use cases for Smudge include:

1. Design teams: Smudge can be used by design teams to create and share colour palettes for branding, marketing materials, and product design. The app's AI features can help designers quickly generate palettes from images or objects, saving time and effort.

2. Marketing agencies: Marketing agencies can use Smudge to create and share colour palettes for their clients' branding and advertising campaigns. The app's ability to organize colours by project or brand can help agencies keep track of multiple clients and projects.

3. Web developers: Web developers can use Smudge to choose and convert colours for their websites and web applications. The app's ability to generate HEX, RGB, and Swift codes can help developers quickly implement colours in their code.

4. Graphic designers: Graphic designers can use Smudge to create and share colour palettes for their designs, such as logos, posters, and brochures. The app's ability to organize colours by project or brand

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