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Customized site chatbot for customer assistance.

Why Install SiteGPT . AI to replace a human task?
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What is SiteGPT . AI?

SiteGPT is an AI chatbot tool that can be personalized for every website. It uses your website content to train your chatbot to answer questions quickly and accurately. With Kahma ChatGPT Plugin, you can easily create your own AI chatbot with no code required. Simply enter your website URL, and the tool will automatically fetch all the webpages on your website to show them to you. You can then select the webpages you want the chatbot to be trained on by clicking on the "Start Training" button. Once trained, your chatbot will be able to answer any questions related to your website content in real-time. This can significantly improve your website's user experience by providing instant responses to visitors' inquiries. Kahma ChatGPT Plugin is suitable for businesses of any size and does not require technical expertise. Additionally, the tool offers a pricing plan that is affordable and flexible. The website also offers a contact page, terms and conditions, and a refund policy. Overall,

TLDR: AI for Customized site chatbot for customer assistance. Copy and paste these prompts into SiteGPT ..

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Who is SiteGPT . AI for?

1. Small businesses looking to improve their customer service and user experience on their website.
2. E-commerce websites wanting to provide quick and accurate responses to customers' inquiries.
3. Educational institutions looking to enhance their online learning experience by providing a chatbot to answer students' questions.
4. Healthcare providers wanting to offer a virtual assistant to patients for easy access to medical information.
5. Government agencies looking to provide citizens with quick and accurate responses to frequently asked questions.

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What are the use cases for SiteGPT .?

SiteGPT is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of business and personal use cases. Here are five potential use cases for SiteGPT:

1. E-commerce: SiteGPT can be used by e-commerce businesses to provide instant customer support to their website visitors. The chatbot can answer questions related to product availability, shipping, returns, and more. This can help businesses reduce their customer support costs and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Education: SiteGPT can be used by educational websites to provide instant answers to students' questions related to course content, assignments, and exams. This can help students get the help they need quickly and improve their learning experience.

3. Healthcare: SiteGPT can be used by healthcare websites to provide instant answers to patients' questions related to symptoms, treatments, and medical procedures. This can help patients get the information they need quickly and reduce the burden on healthcare providers.

4. Travel: SiteGPT can be used by travel websites to provide

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