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Scribbly AI app

Automated email composition for busy professionals.

Why Install Scribbly AI to replace a human task?
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What is Scribbly AI?

Scribbly AI-powered email writing tool is designed specifically for busy professionals who need to correspond via email regularly. With Scribbly, users can write emails ten times faster than they would without the tool. The tool offers content suggestions that are context-specific, written professionally, and personalized to sound like the user. Scribbly uses advanced AI technology that takes into account the user's writing style, communication patterns, and email content to suggest highly relevant content that matches the user's writing tone and style. The tool is available as a free Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with Gmail. Scribbly's efficient way of optimizing email communication saves time and improves productivity for busy professionals.

TLDR: AI for Automated email composition for busy professionals. Copy and paste these prompts into Scribbly.

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Who is Scribbly AI for?

1. Business professionals who frequently send emails to clients, colleagues, and partners.
2. Freelancers who rely on email communication to establish and maintain relationships with clients.
3. Sales representatives who need to send personalized emails to potential customers.
4. Entrepreneurs who manage multiple business ventures and need to streamline their email communication.
5. Students who need to send professional emails to professors, mentors, and potential employers.

Automated email composition for busy professionals. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Scribbly?

1. Sales and Marketing: Scribbly can be used by sales and marketing professionals to create personalized and context-specific emails to potential clients, customers, and leads. The tool can help to improve the email response rate and engage with prospects more effectively.

2. Customer Service: Customer service teams can use Scribbly to respond to customer queries and complaints quickly and professionally. The tool can help to improve the overall customer experience and reduce response time.

3. HR and Recruitment: HR professionals and recruiters can use Scribbly to draft personalized emails to candidates for job offers, interview requests, and follow-up emails. The tool can help to streamline the recruitment process and improve candidate engagement.

4. Business Development: Business development professionals can use Scribbly to create effective and personalized emails to potential partners, investors, and collaborators. The tool can help to establish strong business relationships and create new opportunities for growth.

5. Networking: Professionals can use Scribbly to write personalized and effective emails to new contacts and

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