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Scholarcy AI app

Summarizes and evaluates documents for easy digestion.

Why Install Scholarcy AI to replace a human task?
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What is Scholarcy AI?

Scholarcy is an AI-powered summarizing tool that provides a convenient way to quickly assess and evaluate the importance of documents such as articles, reports, and book chapters. It is designed to help researchers, students, journalists, librarians, and others save time and quickly digest a large amount of information. Scholarcy includes features such as automatic reference extraction, open access source linking, and figure, table and image extraction. Additionally, Scholarcy provides a Chrome and Edge browser extension that integrates with open-access repositories and builds a searchable collection of summary cards accessible from any device. Overall, Scholarcy is a powerful summarization tool that can help users efficiently process large amounts of information.

TLDR: AI for Summarizes and evaluates documents for easy digestion. Copy and paste these prompts into Scholarcy.

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Who is Scholarcy AI for?

1. Researchers: Scholarcy can help researchers quickly assess the relevance of articles and reports and extract key information, allowing them to more efficiently conduct literature reviews and keep up with the latest research in their field.

2. Students: Scholarcy can be a valuable tool for students who need to read and understand a large volume of academic material, helping them identify the most important information and concepts.

3. Journalists: Scholarcy can help journalists quickly extract and summarize key information from articles, press releases, and other sources, making it easier to write accurate and informed news stories.

4. Librarians: Scholarcy can be a useful tool for librarians who need to evaluate the relevance of articles and reports and identify key information to include in bibliographies and research guides.

5. Business professionals: Scholarcy can help business professionals stay up-to-date on industry news and research, allowing them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of competitors.

Summarizes and evaluates documents for easy digestion. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Scholarcy?

1. Research: Scholarcy can be used by researchers to quickly assess the importance of research papers and articles in their field, saving time and enabling them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. By using the tool, they can extract key information, automatically generate summaries, and organize references for their research papers.

2. Education: Scholarcy can be used by students and educators to quickly summarize and understand complex topics covered in textbooks, academic journals, and other educational resources. With the help of this tool, students can easily generate summaries of their research papers, study for exams, and write assignments.

3. Journalism: Journalists can use Scholarcy to quickly identify the main points of articles and reports they are covering, allowing them to write more informed and accurate articles. They can also extract relevant figures, tables, and images to supplement their reporting.

4. Legal: Lawyers can use Scholarcy to quickly summarize legal briefs, memos, and other legal documents, saving them time and allowing them

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