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Monitored LLMs for safety and ethics.

Why Install SafeGPT . AI to replace a human task?
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What is SafeGPT .

SafeGPT Plugin is a browser extension and quality assurance platform that aims to identify and address errors, biases, and privacy issues in ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs). For ChatGPT users, SafeGPT provides a safety net by allowing identification of wrong answers and ethical biases generated by LLMs that could harm society and have severe financial implications. The dashboard includes alerting and root-cause analysis capabilities, and you can track your LLM system's performance in real-time. SafeGPT caters to all types of LLMs, including ChatGPT, and uses real, up-to-date data cross-checked against external databases to compare answers to check their robustness. SafeGPT also provides enterprise-ready features to ensure the safety of LLMs, and the flexible, serverless backend architecture can scale from zero to billions of requests per day. SafeGPT also prioritizes privacy and security, offering an on-premise installation option and encrypted

TLDR: AI for Monitored LLMs for safety and ethics. Copy and paste these prompts into SafeGPT ..

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Who is SafeGPT . for?

1. ChatGPT users who want to ensure the safety and accuracy of the answers generated by the LLM.
2. LLM developers who want to compare the quality of different providers and ensure the safety of their systems.
3. Businesses and organizations that use LLMs for customer service or other purposes and want to avoid ethical biases and errors.
4. Researchers and academics studying LLMs and their impact on society.
5. Government agencies and regulatory bodies that want to ensure the safety and compliance of LLMs used in various industries.

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What are the use cases for SafeGPT .?

1. Customer Support: SafeGPT can be used to provide efficient and accurate responses to customer queries in real-time. This can help businesses reduce the workload of customer support teams and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Content Creation: SafeGPT can be used to generate high-quality content for blogs, social media, and other marketing channels. This can help businesses save time and resources while ensuring that their content is engaging and relevant to their target audience.

3. Investment Analysis: SafeGPT can be used to analyze financial data and provide insights for investment decisions. This can help businesses make informed decisions based on real-time data and improve their profitability.

4. Medical Diagnosis: SafeGPT can be used to diagnose medical conditions and provide treatment recommendations based on symptoms and patient history. This can help healthcare providers improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

5. Legal Research: SafeGPT can be used to conduct legal research and provide insights for legal cases. This can help law firms save time and resources while ensuring

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