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Team knowledge base from Slack conversations.

Why Install Question Base AI to replace a human task?
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What is Question Base AI?

Question Base AI Plugin is a tool that teams can use to turn their Slack channels into a knowledge base. This AI-powered plugin uses Open AI technology to detect when a question has been asked and generates answers quickly by mining the information in a Slack channel. If it can't answer a question, it will suggest up to 5 questions that are of close context.

Question Base is currently in beta and is free to use. Pricing will be announced in 2023. To use it, simply add the bot to the channels you want it to answer in and it will curate your knowledge. This plugin is designed for hybrid work, to reduce dependencies, surface key insights, amp up productivity, and find answers quickly.

Users can access Question Base AI Plugin by adding it to their Slack channels. With Question Base, teams can easily find answers to their questions without having to rely on experts or spending time sifting through conversations. The plugin is user-friendly and requires little to no onboarding.

TLDR: AI for Team knowledge base from Slack conversations. Copy and paste these prompts into Question Base.

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Question Base - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Question Base AI for?

1. Small business owners who need a quick and efficient way to manage their knowledge base.

2. Customer support teams who need to provide timely and accurate information to customers.

3. Remote teams who need to collaborate and share knowledge across different locations and time zones.

4. Startups who need to build a knowledge base quickly and easily without investing in expensive tools or hiring experts.

5. Educational institutions who need to provide students with a centralized platform for accessing course materials and resources.

Team knowledge base from Slack conversations. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Question Base?

Question Base is a powerful tool that can be used in a range of different business and personal contexts. Here are five potential use cases for this innovative tool:

1. Customer Support: One of the most obvious use cases for Question Base is in the realm of customer support. By adding the bot to your support channels, you can quickly and easily answer common questions, reducing the workload on your support team and improving response times. This can lead to happier customers, more positive customer experiences, and increased customer loyalty.

2. Onboarding: Another great use case for Question Base is in the onboarding process. By adding the bot to your onboarding channels, you can quickly and easily answer common questions that new employees may have. This can help to reduce the workload on your HR team and improve the efficiency of the onboarding process.

3. Training and Development: Question Base can also be used to enhance training and development efforts. By adding the bot to your training channels, you can quickly and easily answer common

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