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QoQo AI app

Organized, generated personas for UX companions.

Why Install QoQo AI to replace a human task?
E-commerce Companies Marketing Teams Product Development Teams Software Development Companies UX Design Agencies

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What is QoQo AI?

QoQo AI Plugin is a UQoQo design tool that helps users get a broad and organized picture at the early stages of the design process. It uses input from the user to generate cards for building a persona with user goals, needs, motivations, frustrations, and tasks. The plugin is accessible through Figma, and users can access the app through the Figma website.

TLDR: AI for Organized, generated personas for UX companions. Copy and paste these prompts into QoQo.

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QoQo - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is QoQo AI for?

QoQo will generate 5 persona cards, each with information on the user's goals, needs, motivations, frustrations, and tasks. The persona cards will help provide a better understanding of the potential users and their needs, which can help in developing a design that caters to them.

Organized, generated personas for UX companions. on these platforms

What are the use cases for QoQo?

Potential business use cases for QoQo could include:

1. UX Design Agencies: QoQo can help UX design agencies streamline their process by quickly generating user personas and identifying key design challenges for their clients.

2. E-commerce Companies: QoQo can help e-commerce companies better understand their customers' needs and motivations, which can help improve their user experience and increase sales.

3. Product Development Teams: QoQo can help product development teams stay organized and focused by providing a structured framework for understanding user needs and goals.

4. Marketing Teams: QoQo can help marketing teams better understand their target audience by providing insights into their motivations, frustrations, and tasks.

5. Software Development Companies: QoQo can help software development companies improve their product by providing insights into user needs and goals, which can help guide the development process.

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