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proudP AI app

App monitors urine flow for prostate and bladder health.

Why Install proudP AI to replace a human task?
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What is proudP AI?

proudP ChatGPT Plugin is a mobile app designed for men's prostate and urinary health. This app is a FDA Class II medical device that utilizes advanced technology to track and measure urine flow to extract key indicators on prostate and bladder wellness. It accurately measures basic uroflow metrics such as urine volume, flow rate, and voiding time, which are crucial in making a preliminary assessment of the prostate and urinary system. proudP extracts four key metrics, including voided volume, maximum flow rate, average flow rate, and voiding time, which serve as an initial indicator of prostate and bladder wellness. The app's proprietary AI algorithms are built from over 120,000 clinical and real-world samples that have been validated by seven clinical studies in the US and Korea, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. Additionally, it is HIPAA compliant and Urologist endorsed, making it a trustworthy and reliable tool for monitoring men's prostate and urinary wellness. Overall, proudP ChatGPT Plugin is

TLDR: AI for App monitors urine flow for prostate and bladder health. Copy and paste these prompts into proudP.

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Who is proudP AI for?

1. Men who have a family history of prostate or urinary health issues and want to monitor their own health proactively.
2. Men who are currently experiencing symptoms related to prostate or urinary health and want to track their progress or share data with their healthcare provider.
3. Men who have previously been diagnosed with a prostate or urinary condition and want to monitor their ongoing health and treatment.
4. Urologists or other healthcare providers who want to use the app to track their patients' progress and make more informed treatment decisions.
5. Men who are generally interested in maintaining their overall health and wellness and want to use the app as part of their regular health routine.

App monitors urine flow for prostate and bladder health. on these platforms

What are the use cases for proudP?

1. Healthcare Providers: proudP can be used by healthcare providers such as urologists, primary care physicians, and nurses to remotely monitor their patients' prostate and urinary health. The app's clinical accuracy makes it a valuable tool for initial assessments, follow-up visits, and treatment plan adjustments.

2. Health Insurance Companies: Health insurance companies can utilize proudP to incentivize their members to engage in proactive health management. proudP can be offered as a value-added service, reducing the burden of frequent in-person appointments and enabling patients to take a more active role in their health.

3. Health and Wellness Companies: Companies in the health and wellness industry can use proudP to track the impact of their products or services on prostate and urinary health. For example, a supplement company can provide their customers with proudP to track the effectiveness of their supplements in improving prostate and urinary wellness.

4. Aging in Place: proudP can be used by older adults as an assistive tool to monitor their prostate

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