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Promptheus AI app

Chrome extension for voice chat communication.

Why Install Promptheus AI to replace a human task?
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What is Promptheus AI?

Promptheus ChatGPT Plugin is a Chrome Web Store extension that allows users to communicate with ChatGPT using their voice instead of typing. By simply pressing the spacebar, users can speak to ChatGPT and enjoy conversations that are both faster and more fluid than typing out text. This extension is unique in that all voice processing is done in the browser, and no recordings or data are sent anywhere else except for the ChatGPT chat window.

In addition to providing voice input capabilities, Promptheus also offers some useful features such as only activating voice when the text input bar is not focused. Furthermore, clicking the extension button in the top right corner opens up ChatGPT in a popup so users can browse from anywhere. It is also important to note that the developer has disclosed that no user data will be collected or used.

Users who have reviewed the extension have expressed their satisfaction with how accurate and fast the speech-to-text feature works. However, some users have noted that

TLDR: AI for Chrome extension for voice chat communication. Copy and paste these prompts into Promptheus.

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Who is Promptheus AI for?

1. Individuals who prefer to communicate using their voice instead of typing
2. People who want a faster and more efficient way to chat with ChatGPT
3. Users who have difficulty typing or using a keyboard
4. Individuals who multitask and need to communicate hands-free
5. Those who are visually impaired and prefer to use voice commands instead of typing.

Chrome extension for voice chat communication. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Promptheus?

1. Customer Service: ChatGPT with Promptheus can be used to improve customer service by allowing customers to speak their inquiries or concerns instead of typing them out. This can result in faster response times and a better overall customer experience.

2. Accessibility: Promptheus can be used to improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities that may have difficulty typing. By allowing users to speak instead of type, it can help those with physical or cognitive impairments better communicate online.

3. Multilingual Support: Although Promptheus does not support all languages, it can be used to improve communication with non-native speakers. By allowing users to speak in their native language, it can potentially overcome language barriers and improve understanding between parties.

4. Education: Promptheus can be used in an educational setting to help students practice their speaking skills. It can also be used as a tool for language learning, as students can practice speaking their target language with ChatGPT.

5. Personal Productivity

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