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Helps students prepare for oral exams.

Why Install Prepsup . AI to replace a human task?
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What is Prepsup .

PrepSup is a special tool that helps students prepare for oral exams. It uses AI technology to quiz students on different subjects. As a user of PrepSup, you can create your own study sets and choose the education level, language, and specific subject you want to focus on. You can even tell the AI to ask specific questions about the topic you're studying.

Once you set everything up, the AI assistant will start quizzing you and giving you feedback. It's like having a virtual tutor who helps you practice for your oral exams. The goal of PrepSup is to make you feel more confident and prepared for your exams, so they feel less scary.

The tool is really easy to use, and you don't need any technical skills to use it. It's made for all kinds of students, so anyone can benefit from it.

In summary, PrepSup is a helpful tool that uses AI to help students practice for oral exams. It creates quizzes based on different subjects, and you can customize what you want to study. With the help of the AI assistant, you can focus on areas you need to improve and gain confidence for your exams.

TLDR: AI for Helps students prepare for oral exams. Copy and paste these prompts into Prepsup ..

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Who is Prepsup . for?

1. High school students preparing for oral exams in various subjects
2. College students studying for language proficiency exams
3. Professionals seeking to improve their public speaking skills
4. Non-native speakers looking to improve their English pronunciation and fluency
5. Individuals preparing for job interviews or presentations.

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What are the use cases for Prepsup .?

1. Education: PrepSup can be used in schools and universities to help students prepare for oral exams. Teachers can create study sets for their students to practice with, or students can create their own sets based on their individual needs. This can help improve students' confidence and performance during oral exams, ultimately leading to better academic outcomes.

2. Job Interviews: PrepSup can be used by job seekers to practice and prepare for job interviews. Users can create study sets based on the job they are applying for, and the AI assistant can ask questions related to the specific industry or position. This can help job seekers feel more confident and prepared during the interview process, potentially leading to better job offers.

3. Language Learning: PrepSup can be used by language learners to practice their speaking skills. Users can create study sets based on the language they are learning, and the AI assistant can ask questions related to grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. This can help language learners improve their oral communication skills and feel more confident

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