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Praktika . AI app

Learn languages by conversing with immersive avatars.

Why Install Praktika . AI to replace a human task?
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What is Praktika . AI?

Praktika Chat-GPT technology is an immersive language learning app that allows users to learn English through conversation with AI avatars. This innovative app provides a fun and interactive way of learning, where users can build their speaking confidence in an immersive playground environment. With real-time and after-session feedback, 1000+ lessons, and characters to practice any topic, and 10,000+ minutes of unlimited practice, users can master the English language efficiently. Praktika offers a detailed improvement curve that visualizes the user's progress towards achieving fluency. This app is designed to help overcome language barriers and empower learners to seize new opportunities. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Praktika offers low-pressure lessons with no psycho-emotional pressure while underlining one's mistakes. With positive reviews from multiple sources, including HackerNoon, The Ad Review, MobileAppDaily, TechBullion, and many more, Praktika is an excellent choice for language learners who want to enhance their

TLDR: AI for Learn languages by conversing with immersive avatars. Copy and paste these prompts into Praktika ..

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Who is Praktika . AI for?

1. Students who are learning English as a second language and need a convenient and interactive way to practice speaking skills.

2. Business professionals who need to improve their English communication skills for work-related purposes.

3. Tourists or travelers who want to learn basic English phrases and conversational skills for their travels abroad.

4. Individuals who are interested in learning English for personal growth and development and want to practice in a low-pressure environment.

5. Anyone who wants to improve their English language skills and build speaking confidence through immersive and engaging conversations with AI avatars.

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What are the use cases for Praktika .?

1. Corporate Language Training: Praktika can be used by companies to train their employees in English language communication. This can be particularly useful for multinational corporations where employees may need to communicate with colleagues from different parts of the world. The app can help employees to improve their spoken English skills, build their confidence, and increase their productivity in the workplace.

2. Language Schools and Institutes: Praktika can be used by language schools and institutes to supplement their classroom-based teaching. The app can provide students with additional practice opportunities, allowing them to improve their spoken English skills in a fun and interactive way. Language schools can also use the app to track their students' progress and provide personalized feedback to help them improve.

3. Travel and Hospitality Industry: The travel and hospitality industry is a sector that often requires employees with strong English language skills. Praktika can be used by hotels, resorts, and travel companies to train their staff in English language communication. This can help to improve customer service, increase customer

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