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Polyhive AI app

Mesh aware texture generation for 3D assets.

Why Install Polyhive AI to replace a human task?
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What is Polyhive

Polyhive AI Texturing Tool is a software that allows users to add texture to 3D meshes by using text. This tool offers a mesh-aware texturing process that ensures a consistent 360° texture experience which produces high-quality, game-ready assets while preserving mesh and UV structure. Apart from that, Polyhive also has features like material map generation, collaborative asset management, and game engine integration through Unity and Unreal SDKs. With this tool, one can easily texture and reskin 3D assets in just a few minutes and enjoy the benefits of creating stunning, unique, and personalized textures for their game assets.

TLDR: AI for Mesh aware texture generation for 3D assets. Copy and paste these prompts into Polyhive.

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Who is Polyhive for?

1. Game developers who need to quickly texture and reskin 3D assets for their games.
2. 3D artists who want to add text to their 3D models for branding or storytelling purposes.
3. Architects who want to add text labels to their 3D models for presentations or client proposals.
4. Product designers who want to create 3D models with text labels for marketing materials or user manuals.
5. Educators who want to create interactive 3D models with text labels for educational purposes.

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What are the use cases for Polyhive?

Polyhive can be used in various business and non-business scenarios. Here are five potential use cases:

1. Game Development: Polyhive is designed for game developers who need to create high-quality 3D meshes for their games. It enables them to texture 3D meshes with customized text, generating material maps, and integrating with the popular game engines like Unity and Unreal. Game developers can use Polyhive to create game-ready assets within minutes.

2. Advertising and Marketing: Polyhive can be used by advertising and marketing agencies to create 3D models of their products and services, texturize them with brand messaging and other relevant texts, and use them in digital campaigns. This can help them create a visually engaging and interactive experience for their target audience.

3. Architecture and Interior Design: Architects and interior designers can use Polyhive to create 3D models of their designs and add texturization with relevant information such as room labels, measurements, and dimensions. This can help clients visualize their

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