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Pixop AI app

Enhanced cloud video for media experts.

Why Install Pixop AI to replace a human task?
Image and Video Enhancement Media Production Medical Imaging Security and Surveillance Video Editing

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What is Pixop AI?

Pixop AI and ML powered cloud-based video enhancement, remastering and upscaling service is a platform that helps professionals, filmmakers, video editors, post producers and video production companies improve the quality and resolution of their footage at the touch of a button without the need for expensive hardware or complicated setups. Pixop offers a range of powerful automated filters for ML super resolution, AI denoising, AI deinterlacing, AI deep restoration and more, all trained on thousands of hours of footage and tested rigorously. Pixop is cloud-based, meaning there are no downloads or expensive hardware required, and all data is encrypted at every stage of the process including encryption in transit inside AWS infrastructure. Payments are also processed securely through Stripe. Clients can use a calculator to get a general idea of how much it costs to process footage, and Pixop offers bulk discounts, custom pricing and REST API access for enterprise clients. Plus, Pixop partners with video delivery and service providers to create a value-added service

TLDR: AI for Enhanced cloud video for media experts. Copy and paste these prompts into Pixop.

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Who is Pixop AI for?

1. Filmmakers
2. Video editors
3. Post producers
4. Video production companies
5. Professionals in the media industry who need to enhance the quality and resolution of their footage.

Enhanced cloud video for media experts. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Pixop?

1. Film and TV Production: Filmmakers and video editors can use Pixop to enhance the quality of their footage, improving resolution and removing noise or other distortions. This can save time and money by reducing the need for reshoots or costly post-production work.

2. Sports Broadcasters: Sports broadcasters can use Pixop to improve the quality of their footage, particularly in situations where the lighting may be less than ideal or where there may be a lot of movement or action in the shot. This can result in a more enjoyable viewing experience for fans and better engagement with the audience.

3. Security and Surveillance: The security industry can use Pixop to enhance the quality of surveillance footage, making it easier to identify suspects or other important details. This can improve the effectiveness of security systems and reduce the risk of crime or other security threats.

4. Medical Imaging: Pixop can be used to enhance medical imaging, such as X-rays or MRI scans. This can help doctors and other medical

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