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Generate images in Photoshop with machine learning.

Why Install PixelPet . AI to replace a human task?
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What is PixelPet . AI?

PixelPet is a cloud-based AI tool that generates high-quality images within your Photoshop workflow. With over 20 image generation models available, it aims to make image generation hassle-free and accessible for everyone. The tool is designed to be user-friendly, with no prior knowledge of AI required for use. Simply install the plugin, sign up, and start generating images quickly and accurately.

PixelPet offers powerful features such as inpainting, with control net and upscaling coming soon. Moreover, it provides fair pricing for generating images, charging only for what the user uses, with a default image costing approximately 0.2 credits ($0.002), depending on the set parameters. Additionally, PixelPet provides a free trial, starting with free credits, with no credit card required.

Overall, PixelPet provides a convenient and accessible solution for generating a large quantity of high-quality images with minimal effort. With its integrated cloud-based AI, anyone can experiment with new styles and ideas, visualize new products, and streamline their

TLDR: AI for Generate images in Photoshop with machine learning. Copy and paste these prompts into PixelPet ..

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Who is PixelPet . AI for?

1. Designers who want to quickly create high-quality images for their projects.
2. Marketers who need to generate visual content for their campaigns.
3. Artists who want to experiment with different styles and techniques.
4. Social media managers who need to create and post engaging visuals regularly.
5. Small business owners who want to create professional-grade graphics for their website or advertising materials.

Generate images in Photoshop with machine learning. on these platforms

What are the use cases for PixelPet .?

Sure, here are 5 potential business use cases for PixelPet:

1. Marketing: Marketers can use PixelPet to generate a large quantity of images for their campaigns quickly and cost-effectively. This can include creating images for social media posts, email marketing campaigns, ad banners, and more. With the ability to experiment with different styles and ideas, marketers can easily A/B test various visual elements to determine what resonates with their target audience.

2. E-commerce: E-commerce platforms can use PixelPet to generate product images for their online stores. This can include creating images of products from different angles, in different lighting conditions, and with different backgrounds. PixelPet can help e-commerce platforms save time and money by automating the image generation process and allowing them to create a large quantity of high-quality images quickly.

3. Graphic design: Graphic designers can use PixelPet to generate images for their designs quickly and easily. This can include creating background images, textures, and patterns, as well as

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