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Pico AI app

Create web apps with natural language.

Why Install Pico AI to replace a human task?
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What is Pico

Pico ChatGPT Plugin is an AI-powered text-to-app platform designed for entrepreneurs, consultants, and small business owners. It allows users to create simple web applications effortlessly by describing their app idea in plain English or any other language. Pico eliminates the need for coding skills, technical jargon or prior experience with no-code tools. With Pico, users can create lead generation apps, custom internal tools, and engaging interactive apps that capture leads, streamline processes and keep customers engaged. Pico ChatGPT Plugin works by using GPT-4 technology to build an app based on the user's description of their idea. The user can then easily iterate on the app by explaining what they want to update. Pico deploys the app instantly and makes it available via a unique URL that the user can share. Pico also allows users to set up a custom domain and view their app’s performance effortlessly. Pico ChatGPT Plugin has a user-friendly interface that can process natural language, allowing

TLDR: AI for Create web apps with natural language. Copy and paste these prompts into Pico.

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Pico - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Pico for?

1. Entrepreneurs
2. Small business owners
3. Consultants
4. Freelancers
5. Marketing professionals

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What are the use cases for Pico?

1. Lead Generation App: Pico can be used to create a lead generation app that captures potential customer information and helps businesses grow their customer base. By describing the app idea in plain English, businesses can create a custom lead generation app that collects customer information, such as name, email address, and phone number.

2. Custom Internal Tool: Pico can be used to create custom internal tools that streamline business processes and improve efficiency. By describing the app idea in plain English, businesses can create custom tools that automate tasks, track inventory, and manage customer data.

3. Interactive App: Pico can be used to create engaging interactive apps that keep customers engaged and interested in a business's products or services. By describing the app idea in plain English, businesses can create interactive apps that offer quizzes, games, or other interactive features that keep customers coming back.

4. Event Management App: Pico can be used to create an event management app that helps businesses plan and organize events. By describing the

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