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Boost sales with insights, leads and outreach.

Why Install Persana AI AI to replace a human task?
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What is Persana AI

Persana AI

Persana AI is an AI tool that helps businesses in enhancing their sales productivity. The tool uses hyperpersonalized AI technology to identify qualified leads, extract customer insights, and send personalized outreach at scale. Persana AI builds holistic customer profiles by leveraging historical email campaign data, CRM, and internal data, and publicly available data points. Its fine-tuned model is designed to help the sales team focus on selling, not doing cumbersome tasks.

Persana AI's AI technology allows businesses to identify the most promising prospects and ripe opportunities quickly. The tool notifies the team faster whenever there is an intent signal, like when a lead visits the company website or gets funding. This feature helps businesses convert leads at the right time, maximizing their productivity. Additionally, Persana AI consolidates data from different sales tools in an easy-to-use manner, making it faster to get answers to questions without making complicated reports. By doing so, the tool helps businesses close more deals easily and quickly

TLDR: AI for Boost sales with insights, leads and outreach. Copy and paste these prompts into Persana AI.

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Who is Persana AI for?

1. Sales teams in small and medium-sized businesses
2. Marketing teams in B2B companies
3. Lead generation companies
4. Sales consultants and coaches
5. Independent sales representatives.

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What are the use cases for Persana AI?

Potential business use cases for Persana AI include:

1. Sales Lead Generation: Persana AI can help businesses identify qualified leads by analyzing historical email campaign data, CRM data, and publicly available data points. The tool can also extract customer insights, allowing businesses to send personalized outreach at scale, and notify the sales team faster whenever there is an intent signal. This can lead to increased productivity and more effective lead generation.

2. Customer Profiling: Persana AI can build holistic customer profiles by consolidating data from different sales tools, making it easier to get answers to questions about the customer. This can help businesses understand their customers better and tailor their sales and marketing efforts accordingly.

3. Sales Forecasting: By analyzing historical sales data and identifying trends, Persana AI can help businesses forecast future sales. This can help businesses plan their sales strategies more effectively and allocate resources more efficiently.

4. Customer Retention: Persana AI can help businesses identify at-risk customers by analyzing customer behavior and engagement data.

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