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Automated revenue intelligence and management platform.

Why Install People AI AI to replace a human task?
Business and Event Management Customer Relationship Management Marketing Campaign Optimization Sales Forecasting Sales Performance Optimization

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What is People AI AI?

ChatGPT Plugin: is an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that uses automation to eliminate manual data entry and provide actionable insights across management tools. The platform can be integrated with various sales and marketing tools to unify and enrich all revenue activity, identify key personas in each account, and provide complete visibility into deals and pipelines. By providing sales teams with the right information at the right time, can help increase revenue per rep, accelerate pipeline, maximize expansion within accounts, and increase win rates. Additionally, the platform can help identify dormant and soft pipelines and provide real indicators of trouble. is trusted by leading companies to generate significant revenue and has been credited with closing $131 billion in deals, increasing activities across customers by 49%, and automatically creating and maintaining 140 million contacts. With, teams can focus on building pipeline and closing deals.

TLDR: AI for Automated revenue intelligence and management platform. Copy and paste these prompts into People AI.

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Who is People AI AI for?

1. Sales teams in small and medium-sized businesses
2. Sales operations professionals in large enterprises
3. Marketing teams in B2B companies
4. Business owners looking to increase revenue and streamline processes
5. Sales managers looking to track and analyze team performance.

Automated revenue intelligence and management platform. on these platforms

What are the use cases for People AI?

1. Sales Performance Optimization: can help businesses optimize sales performance by providing real-time insights into the sales pipeline. It can help identify areas where sales reps may need additional support, and provide guidance on how to prioritize sales activities. This can help increase revenue per rep, accelerate pipeline, and maximize expansion within accounts.

2. Customer Relationship Management: can help businesses improve customer relationship management by automatically creating and maintaining contacts. It can provide sales teams with a complete view of customer interactions, from initial contact to deal closure, and help identify potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities. This can help increase customer retention and drive revenue growth.

3. Marketing Campaign Optimization: can help businesses optimize marketing campaigns by providing insights into key personas in each account. It can help identify the most effective messaging and targeting strategies, and provide recommendations for optimizing campaigns. This can help increase marketing ROI and drive revenue growth.

4. Sales Forecasting: can help businesses improve sales forecasting by providing real

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