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Automated spreadsheet assistance.

Why Install Numerous AI to replace a human task?
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What is Numerous AI? ChatGPT Plugin is an AI-powered spreadsheet plugin for Google Sheets that allows users to extract text, generate formulas, and utilize ChatGPT directly within their spreadsheet. It enables users to prompt AI to make educated guesses, summarize text into bullet points, extract specific parts out of text, and more. The =INFER() function can teach Numerous to do repetitive tasks, such as categorizing hundreds of items, formatting a thousand cells, sentiment analysis, and more. The =WRITE() function can have ChatGPT write marketing copy, SEO descriptions, responses to customer messages, and more. Users can describe the formula they want, and will write it for them. offers a free trial with 60 tokens, and paid plans with different token amounts are available for users who need more. The service requires users to install the Google Sheets plugin for use and works only on desktop. If users have any questions, they can reach out to support.

TLDR: AI for Automated spreadsheet assistance. Copy and paste these prompts into Numerous.

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Who is Numerous AI for?

1. Business professionals who regularly use spreadsheets for data analysis and reporting.
2. Students or educators who use Google Sheets for classroom assignments or projects.
3. Freelancers or small business owners who need to manage their finances and budget using spreadsheets.
4. Researchers who need to organize and analyze data for their studies.
5. Anyone who wants to streamline their spreadsheet workflow and save time by using AI-powered tools.

Automated spreadsheet assistance. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Numerous?

1. Data Analysis: can be used to extract, categorize, and analyze data within a spreadsheet. This can save businesses time and resources by automating data analysis tasks. For example, data analysts can use to categorize customer feedback into positive and negative sentiments, analyze customer purchase patterns, and generate reports based on data analysis.

2. Marketing: can assist marketers in generating marketing copy and SEO descriptions. The ChatGPT function can be used to prompt AI to write creative and compelling marketing copy. Additionally, the =INFER() function can help marketers categorize customer feedback by product or service, analyze customer demographics, and predict trends.

3. Customer Service: can be used in customer service to generate responses to customer messages, categorize customer inquiries, and analyze customer feedback. This can help businesses save time and improve their response rate to customer inquiries. For example, customer service representatives can use to categorize customer inquiries by product or service, extract

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