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Search engine with privacy-protecting features.

Why Install NeevaAI AI to replace a human task?
Data and Analytics Online shoppers Personal productivity Privacy-focused search engine Researchers and academics

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What is NeevaAI AI?

Neeva ChatGPT Plugin is an ad-free, private search engine created by former Google executives. It offers a secure and private search experience for users by protecting their data from trackers. It is available on all devices with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Safari, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Neeva offers two membership plans - a free basic membership and a paid premium membership. The basic membership is completely free and allows users to search the web and connected personal accounts, set news and shopping preferences, and search from multiple devices. The premium membership offers unlimited searches and top-tier privacy-protecting tools like a Premium Password Manager and VPN. Neeva never sells or shares user data with third parties and provides anonymous search options to give users full control over their data.

TLDR: AI for Search engine with privacy-protecting features. Copy and paste these prompts into NeevaAI.

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Who is NeevaAI AI for?

1. Privacy-conscious individuals who are concerned about their personal data being tracked and sold by search engines.
2. Professionals who need to conduct research without being bombarded by ads or biased search results.
3. Students who need to search for information without being distracted by irrelevant ads or clickbait articles.
4. Anyone who wants to search the web and their personal accounts simultaneously without being tracked or followed by advertisers.
5. Individuals who are willing to pay for a premium search experience with enhanced privacy features and tools.

Search engine with privacy-protecting features. on these platforms

What are the use cases for NeevaAI?

1. Businesses looking for ad-free search engine: Businesses that value privacy and security can use Neeva as their preferred search engine. With no ads or affiliate links, Neeva can provide unbiased search results that can help businesses make better decisions.

2. Researchers and academics: Researchers and academics who require accurate and reliable search results can benefit from Neeva's ad-free and privacy-focused search engine. They can search for information without worrying about targeted ads or data tracking.

3. Personal productivity: Neeva's ability to search personal accounts like Gmail or Dropbox can help individuals stay organized and productive. They can quickly search for relevant information without having to switch between different apps or websites.

4. Individuals concerned about privacy: Individuals who prioritize privacy can use Neeva as their primary search engine. They can rest assured that their data is not being shared or sold to third parties and they can use Neeva's anonymous search option for added privacy.

5. Online shoppers: Online shoppers can use

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