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Napkin AI app

Document editor with suggestions and inline videos.

Why Install Napkin AI to replace a human task?
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What is Napkin AI?

Napkin AI is a brand that offers a ChatGPT plugin that allows users to create engaging documents with visual aids and storytelling elements. The plugin's AI features enable users to add icons, drawings, charts, and diagrams to their content easily, without the need for design skills. It also provides visual suggestions based on context and facilitates collaboration by allowing easy sharing of created documents. The unique feature of recording short videos inline with content that are automatically animated makes it an excellent tool for storytelling and presentation of ideas. The editing process itself is also simplified, allowing users to remove unnecessary filler words and noises with ease. Napkin AI's ChatGPT Plugin is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve the engagement and visual appeal of their documents, presentations, or storytelling.

TLDR: AI for Document editor with suggestions and inline videos. Copy and paste these prompts into Napkin.

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Napkin - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is Napkin AI for?

1. Students looking to create engaging presentations or reports
2. Business professionals who want to add visual aids to their proposals or pitches
3. Graphic designers who want to streamline their workflow and collaborate with others
4. Teachers who want to create interactive lesson plans for their students
5. Entrepreneurs and startup founders who want to create compelling pitch decks for investors

Document editor with suggestions and inline videos. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Napkin?

1. Marketing Content Creation - Napkin AI can be used by marketing teams to create visually appealing and engaging content for their campaigns. The tool's AI features allow for the easy addition of icons, charts, and diagrams to create compelling infographics, while the video recording feature can be used to create short video presentations for social media platforms.

2. Sales Presentations - Napkin AI can be used to create attention-grabbing presentations that help sales teams effectively communicate their ideas and solutions to potential clients. The tool's visual aids and animation features can be used to explain complex concepts and data in a simplified and engaging manner, increasing the chances of closing deals.

3. Education and Training - Napkin AI can be used in education and training settings to create visually stimulating and interactive learning materials. The tool's video recording feature can be used to create instructional videos that simplify complex concepts or demonstrate practical skills.

4. Project Management - Napkin AI can be used by project managers to create project plans, diagrams,

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