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Melville AI app

Automated summarization and show notes for podcasts.

Why Install Melville AI to replace a human task?
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What is Melville AI?

Melville AI is a cutting-edge podcast copywriting tool that utilizes the latest AI technology to streamline the process of creating episode summaries, click-worthy titles, SEO keywords, and time-stamped show notes. This innovative platform is available as a web app and can be accessed by users from anywhere in the world. Currently in open Beta Release, Melville is already trusted by top 100 podcasts to deliver quality copywriting services. The pricing structure is simple and transparent, with users only being charged based on the length of their podcast episode. By leveraging the power of automation, Melville is able to keep costs low and provide users with high-quality copy that requires minimal editing. In addition to the show note summary, key points, and keywords, users are also provided with a transcript of their podcast episode. There are no limits on the number of podcasts that can be added to an account, and files can be uploaded in MP3 format for maximum flexibility. Whether you're a seasoned podcast producer or just starting out

TLDR: AI for Automated summarization and show notes for podcasts. Copy and paste these prompts into Melville.

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Who is Melville AI for?

1. Podcast producers who want to save time and money on copywriting.
2. Marketing teams who need to optimize their podcast content for SEO.
3. Busy professionals who don't have time to create detailed show notes for their podcast episodes.
4. Small business owners who want to increase the exposure of their brand through podcasting.
5. Independent podcasters who want to improve the quality of their show notes without hiring a VA.

Automated summarization and show notes for podcasts. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Melville?

Here are five potential use cases for Melville:

1. Podcast Producers: As mentioned above, Melville was designed specifically for podcast producers to save them time and money when creating episode summaries, titles, and show notes. By using Melville, producers can automate these tasks and focus on creating high-quality content for their audience. This use case is particularly helpful for podcasters who produce multiple episodes per week or month and need to streamline their workflow.

2. Marketing Agencies: Marketing agencies can use Melville to create podcast summaries and show notes for their clients. This can help agencies save time and deliver high-quality content to their clients in a timely manner. Additionally, Melville's SEO keyword feature can help agencies optimize their clients' podcasts for better search engine rankings.

3. Content Creators: Melville can be used by content creators who want to repurpose their podcast content for other platforms. For example, a content creator can use the show notes generated by Melville to create blog posts or social

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