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Aiding cold email outreach campaigns with automation.

Why Install AI to replace a human task?
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What is is an AI-driven email marketing automation tool designed to automate and optimize cold email outreach campaigns. With, users can save time and increase revenue thanks to its various features. The tool offers unlimited mailbox accounts, custom domain tracking, and an AI email writer. also provides automation features that allow users to upload all their contacts and set up daily limits, and an AI email writer that automatically writes and sets up email campaigns by providing only a few details. employs AI optimization to achieve increased deliverability and replies while maintaining sender reputation, allowing users to safely send thousands of emails each day. Users can further save time by automating email campaigns and focus more on closing deals, with the potential to maximize their outreach campaigns, increase replies and ultimately close more deals. With its unlimited mailbox accounts, unlimited team members, and unlimited active contacts, presents itself as an email outreach tool that can boost businesses' ROI. offers various pricing plans with

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Who is for?

1. Business owners looking to generate leads and increase revenue through email outreach campaigns.
2. Sales professionals who want to automate their email campaigns and focus on closing deals.
3. Marketing teams looking for an AI-driven email marketing automation tool to streamline their email outreach tasks.
4. Freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to optimize their cold email outreach and increase their chances of getting responses.
5. Non-profit organizations looking to improve their donor outreach and fundraising efforts through targeted email campaigns.

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What are the use cases for

1. Sales teams - can be used by sales teams to automate their cold email outreach campaigns. With its AI email writer, users can save time on creating personalized email templates and focus more on closing deals. The tool also offers unlimited mailbox accounts, allowing sales teams to manage multiple campaigns from different email addresses.

2. Marketing teams - can be used by marketing teams to automate their email marketing campaigns. The tool's AI optimization and deliverability features ensure that emails are sent safely and reach the intended audience. Its custom domain tracking feature also provides valuable insights into how email campaigns are performing.

3. Freelancers - Freelancers can use to streamline their email outreach campaigns. Its automation features and AI email writer help save time on repetitive tasks, allowing freelancers to focus on other aspects of their work. The tool's unlimited mailbox accounts also provide flexibility in managing multiple clients.

4. Job hunters - can be used by job hunters to automate their job application Links

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