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LensAi AI app

Efficient and contextual ad placement for web traffic.

Why Install LensAi AI to replace a human task?
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What is LensAi AI?

LensAI is an AI-powered contextual computer vision ad solution that allows efficient monetization of web traffic. It can identify objects, logos, actions, and context within visual content and place ads directly into them, providing highly relevant and less intrusive ads to the user. LensAI benefits all key stakeholders of the digital advertising ecosystem, including publishers, advertisers, and users, by creating personalized ad experiences that cater to the context in which the audience is browsing. It provides publishers with previously unoccupied in-image and in-video spaces that receive user’s maximum attention and equips them with tools to tune ad campaigns in a native way to any screen environment. LensAI targets audiences based on the content they are interested in by contextual targeting, which does not require tracking users and eroding their trust via gathering third-party cookies. It identifies objects and entities detected in visual content that count as relevant ones, enabling advertisers to reach relevant audiences effectively and ethically. It stimulates impulse purchasing among users, creating an instant

TLDR: AI for Efficient and contextual ad placement for web traffic. Copy and paste these prompts into LensAi.

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Who is LensAi AI for?

1. Publishers who are looking to monetize their web traffic more efficiently
2. Advertisers who want to reach relevant audiences effectively and ethically
3. Users who are looking for personalized ad experiences that cater to the context in which they are browsing
4. Brands that want to place their ads directly into visual content, including in-image and in-video spaces
5. Marketers who are interested in contextual targeting without the need for tracking users and gathering third-party cookies.

Efficient and contextual ad placement for web traffic. on these platforms

What are the use cases for LensAi?

Here are five potential business use cases for LensAI:

1. E-commerce platforms: LensAI can be used by e-commerce platforms to display highly relevant ads to their users. For example, if a user is browsing through a product page for a certain type of shoe, LensAI can display an ad for a similar or complementary shoe. This can help increase the chances of a user making a purchase and can drive more revenue for the e-commerce platform.

2. News publishers: News publishers can use LensAI to monetize their content without disrupting the user experience. LensAI can place ads directly into images and videos on their website, providing a less intrusive and more targeted form of advertising. This can help publishers generate more revenue from their content while still providing a positive experience for their users.

3. Social media platforms: Social media platforms can use LensAI to provide more personalized ads to their users. By analyzing the content that users are sharing and engaging with, LensAI can display ads that are more relevant

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