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Automated creation of 3D models from images.

Why Install Kaedim . AI to replace a human task?
3D Modeling Architecture and Real Estate E-commerce Education and Training Game Development

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What is Kaedim . AI?

Kaedim ChatGPT Plugin is an advanced 3D modeling tool that utilizes AI and machine learning technology to generate production-ready 3D models from basic images in a matter of minutes. With Kaedim, users can create detailed 3D models with textured and colored surfaces without any prior 3D modeling experience. Some of the world's leading game studios such as Aardman Animations, Rebellion, and The Sandbox use Kaedim for its time-saving benefits in creating stunning 3D art. Additionally, Kaedim offers plugins to integrate with popular modeling tools, allowing users to refine their models further. Backed by industry leaders such as Nvidia Inception and Epic MegaGrants, Kaedim is a cutting-edge 3D modeling tool that revolutionizes the way we create 3D models.

TLDR: AI for Automated creation of 3D models from images. Copy and paste these prompts into Kaedim ..

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Who is Kaedim . AI for?

1. Game developers who need to create 3D models for their games.
2. Architects or interior designers who need to create 3D models of buildings or spaces.
3. Product designers who need to create 3D models of their products for marketing or manufacturing purposes.
4. Students or hobbyists who are interested in 3D modeling but have limited experience.
5. Animators who need to create 3D models for their animations.

Automated creation of 3D models from images. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Kaedim .?

1. Game Development: Kaedim's technology offers game developers the ability to quickly and easily generate 3D models for use in their games. With Kaedim, game developers can create high-quality models of game assets such as characters, vehicles, and buildings, without the need for extensive 3D modeling experience or resources.

2. E-commerce: Kaedim's technology can be used in e-commerce to create 3D models of products that can be viewed from all angles, providing a more immersive shopping experience for customers. This can increase customer engagement and lead to increased sales.

3. Architecture and Real Estate: Kaedim's technology can be used to create 3D models of buildings and architectural designs, providing clients with a more realistic and detailed representation of what their project will look like. This can help architects and real estate developers to better communicate their designs to clients and stakeholders.

4. Education and Training: Kaedim's technology can be used in education and training to

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