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JayDee AI app

Helped recruiters craft better job ads.

Why Install JayDee AI to replace a human task?
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What is JayDee

JayDee AI is an AI-powered job advertisement writing assistant. It is designed to help recruiters create more effective job adverts in a shorter amount of time. With this chatbot plugin, recruiters can upload job descriptions, paste them into the program, or fill out a form with the relevant job details. JayDee AI generates a unique, attractive, and succinct job advert aimed at engaging potential applicants. Job adverts can be easily copied and pasted onto job boards. JayDee AI is available for free on a basic version, which allows users to create up to three adverts for free before upgrading to a paid version. The paid version, priced at £25 per month, enables recruiters to create up to 50 adverts per month with unlimited team members. JayDee AI aims to enhance recruitment efforts by using cutting-edge AI technology. The company offers a newsletter for interested individuals to stay updated on new trends in recruitment and AI technology. JayDee AI provides easy accessible help and support, privacy policies

TLDR: AI for Helped recruiters craft better job ads. Copy and paste these prompts into JayDee.

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Who is JayDee for?

1. Recruitment agencies looking to create high-quality job adverts for their clients.
2. Small and medium-sized businesses seeking to improve the impact of their job advertisements.
3. In-house recruitment teams looking to save time and resources in creating job adverts.
4. Freelance recruiters handling multiple recruitment projects at once.
5. HR professionals seeking to improve the quality and effectiveness of their job postings.

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What are the use cases for JayDee?

1. Recruitment: JayDee AI can be used by HR departments and recruitment agencies to create job advertisements that are more attractive and engaging to potential applicants. This can save time and resources while also enhancing the effectiveness of recruitment efforts.

2. Marketing: JayDee AI can be used by marketing departments to create compelling copy for advertisements, sales pages, and other marketing materials. Its ability to generate unique, attractive, and succinct copy can help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.

3. Education: JayDee AI can be used by educators and trainers to create engaging course descriptions and promotional materials. Its ability to generate clear and concise copy can help attract more students and participants to educational programs.

4. Real estate: JayDee AI can be used by real estate agents to create property descriptions and marketing materials that are more engaging and attractive to potential buyers. Its ability to generate unique and compelling copy can help properties stand out in a crowded market.

5. E-commerce: JayDee AI can

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