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Summarizing meetings precisely and fast.

Why Install Jamie AI to replace a human task?
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What is Jamie AI?

Jamie AI Assistant:

Jamie AI Assistant is an innovative tool that generates high-quality summaries of meetings within seconds. It uses audio from any meeting software to create research-based summaries that are hosted securely in Frankfurt, Germany. The model has been trained on over 170 billion parameters and is capable of working across 15+ languages. Users can customize the level of detail in the summaries, allowing them to be as concise or as detailed as desired. With the click of a button, users can easily share these summaries with meeting participants. Jamie is designed to save time, keep track of meetings, and help users to be fully present during meetings. This tool has been tested and proven by many organizations and individuals, and is receiving positive feedback from those who have used it.

TLDR: AI for Summarizing meetings precisely and fast. Copy and paste these prompts into Jamie.

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Who is Jamie AI for?

1. Business professionals who attend multiple meetings throughout the day and need to keep track of key takeaways.
2. Executives who want to ensure that their team members are aligned and informed about important decisions made in meetings they were unable to attend.
3. Students who attend lectures and want to quickly review key points covered by their professors.
4. Journalists who need to quickly summarize interviews or press conferences for their articles.
5. Researchers who attend conferences and need to compile summaries of the presentations they attended for their own research purposes.

Summarizing meetings precisely and fast. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Jamie?

Jamie, the AI assistant that creates meeting summaries, has a wide range of potential business use cases and other use cases. Here are five potential use cases:

1. Business meetings: Jamie can be immensely helpful in generating summaries of business meetings, saving organizations time and ensuring that all participants have the same understanding of what was discussed and agreed upon. These summaries can be shared instantly with all participants, allowing them to refer to the key points of the meeting at any time.

2. Legal proceedings: Jamie could be used in legal proceedings to create summaries of depositions, hearings, or other important meetings. The summaries could help lawyers to quickly understand the key points of the proceedings and prepare for future meetings.

3. Educational settings: Jamie could be used in educational settings to summarize lectures or discussions, allowing students to focus on the conversation or lecture without having to take extensive notes. The summaries could also be shared with students who missed the meeting or lecture, helping them to catch up quickly.

4. Healthcare settings:

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