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Instantly AI app

Aids in managing and optimizing email campaigns.

Why Install Instantly AI to replace a human task?
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What is Instantly AI? ChatGPT Plugin is a tool that allows businesses to engage in effective email outreach campaigns. It provides users with unlimited email sending accounts, enabling them to send thousands of emails every day without damaging their sender reputation. The tool also offers the largest warmup pool on the market, consisting of 200k+ real human accounts, to ensure that emails stay out of spam and improve sending reputation. ChatGPT Plugin also allows users to clean and verify lead lists and check if their domains are correctly set up for cold emailing. With the use of campaign builder and integrations, users can personalize and automate emails to optimize deliverability and response rates. The tool also includes inbox rotation, allowing users to add all their sending accounts and rotate sending emails between them for a more natural approach.

Furthermore, ChatGPT Plugin includes campaign analytics to analyze the success rate of campaigns and optimize them accordingly. The tool also provides access to various resources such as 50+

TLDR: AI for Aids in managing and optimizing email campaigns. Copy and paste these prompts into Instantly.

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Who is Instantly AI for?

1. Entrepreneurs looking to expand their business through effective email outreach campaigns
2. Recruiters seeking to reach out to potential job candidates through targeted emails
3. Sales professionals looking to improve their outreach efforts and increase response rates
4. Marketing teams wanting to personalize and automate their email campaigns for better engagement
5. Agencies managing email outreach campaigns for multiple clients.

Aids in managing and optimizing email campaigns. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Instantly?

Here are five potential business use cases for

1. Lead Generation: can help businesses generate leads by allowing them to send personalized and automated cold emails to potential customers. The tool's lead list cleaning and verification features can also help ensure that businesses are only targeting high-quality leads.

2. Recruiting: can be used by recruiters to reach out to potential job candidates and build relationships with them. The tool's inbox rotation feature can help ensure that recruiters don't appear too spammy while sending multiple emails.

3. Sales: can help businesses increase their sales by allowing them to send targeted and personalized emails to potential customers. The tool's analytics features can also help businesses track the success of their campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

4. Online Marketing: can be used by online marketers to promote their products or services through email marketing campaigns. The tool's integrations with other marketing tools can also help marketers streamline their campaigns and improve their overall

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