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Suggests shell commands for Unix Terminal users.

Why Install How AI to replace a human task?
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What is How AI?

How2 is an AI-powered tool that provides code-completion for the Unix Terminal by suggesting shell commands using AI models. It is not a brand or a plugin, but rather a standalone tool that can be downloaded and used on various platforms, including MacOSHow, Ubuntu/Debian, and Windows. How2 uses several AI models retrained on Bash/Zsh commands to help users quickly create Bash scripts. It proposes options but never runs a command for the user to input, ensuring a safe experience. Some queries may be rejected if they are deemed to be code injection or misuse. Users can also add extra keywords at the end of prompts, such as "FOR LOOP," "BASH SCRIPT," or "ONE LINER," to refine their search results using the AI models. How2 offers five free queries per day and tries to remain free for most users, though there is an option to subscribe for additional benefits. Moreover, the tool can also search StackOverflow via Google when the -s option is passed

TLDR: AI for Suggests shell commands for Unix Terminal users. Copy and paste these prompts into How.

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How - Opensource ChatGPT Plugin

Who is How AI for?

How For is not a recognizable command. Please enter a valid command for How2 to provide assistance.

Suggests shell commands for Unix Terminal users. on these platforms

What are the use cases for How?

Sure, here are five potential use cases for How2:

1. IT Support: The tool could be used by IT support teams to quickly troubleshoot issues within a Unix environment. For example, if a user reports an error message, the IT support team could use How2 to suggest potential solutions and save time troubleshooting.

2. Automation: How2 could be used by DevOps teams to automate repetitive tasks within a Unix environment. For example, if a team needs to create multiple Bash scripts, they could use How2 to suggest commands and streamline the scripting process.

3. Education: How2 could be used as a learning tool for students or professionals looking to improve their knowledge of Bash scripts and Unix commands. The tool could suggest potential commands and explain their usage, allowing users to better understand the syntax and structure of Bash scripts.

4. Data Analysis: How2 could be used by data analysts or scientists working within a Unix environment to quickly access and manipulate data. The tool could suggest commands for accessing

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