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Hirex.ai AI app

Scalable voice-based bot for no-hassle interviewing.

Why Install Hirex.ai AI to replace a human task?
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What is Hirex.ai AI?

Hirex.ai is a no-code AI platform that offers businesses the ability to build voice-based bots for conducting and scoring interviews at scale. The platform is designed to provide a suite of assessment tools, including coding interviews, MCQ tests, hackathons, video interviews, and WhatsApp chatbots, all under a single dashboard. The Hirex.ai platform enables businesses to conduct more than 10,000 interviews in a single day with minimal human intervention.

One of the main benefits of the Hirex.ai platform is that it helps businesses address common bottlenecks in the recruitment process, such as insufficient resources to conduct interviews, misunderstanding of skill requirements, inconsistency in selection criteria, and interviewer bias. The platform also provides AI-enabled talent management solutions like search and resume parsing, WhatsApp chatbots, AI proctored coding and MCQ assessments, remote interviews, and ATS automation.

Hirex.ai is trusted by enterprises and startups and has been featured in top publications like Times of India, BusinessLine

TLDR: AI for Scalable voice-based bot for no-hassle interviewing. Copy and paste these prompts into Hirex.ai.

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Who is Hirex.ai AI for?

1. Human resource managers in large corporations who are looking to streamline their recruitment process and improve the quality of hires.
2. Startup founders who are looking to hire quickly and efficiently without having to spend a lot of time on interviews.
3. Recruitment agencies who want to offer their clients an innovative and efficient solution for candidate assessment.
4. Educational institutions who want to conduct assessments for placement purposes or as part of their curriculum.
5. Freelance recruiters who want to offer AI-powered interview solutions to their clients.

Scalable voice-based bot for no-hassle interviewing. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Hirex.ai?

Hirex.ai is a versatile platform that can be used by businesses of all sizes and industries to streamline their recruitment and talent management processes. Here are five potential use cases for Hirex.ai:

1. Recruitment for High-Volume Roles: Companies that need to fill a large number of open positions can benefit from Hirex.ai's voice-based bots for level one interviews. These bots can conduct interviews and score candidates at scale, reducing the burden on HR teams and improving efficiency. Hirex.ai's suite of assessment tools can also help companies to identify the best candidates quickly and accurately.

2. Talent Management for Remote Teams: With more businesses moving to remote work models, it can be challenging to manage and coordinate talent across different locations. Hirex.ai's remote interview and assessment tools make it easy to evaluate candidates from anywhere in the world, and its AI-enabled talent management tools can help companies to keep track of their employees' performance and progress.

3. Skill-Based Hiring for Niche Industries: For companies

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