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heyy.ai AI app

Automated content creation for businesses and creators.

Why Install heyy.ai AI to replace a human task?
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What is heyy.ai AI?

Unbound AI/ML interface is a content creation tool designed specifically for small businesses, creators, and online shops. It offers a range of features including AI product images, AI copywriting, AI image editing, and AI logos and icons. With Unbound, users can generate images and text from a single search bar, making it easier and faster to create content.

Unbound offers three pricing plans: Free, Creator, and Business. The Free plan offers 10 monthly credits and image and copy generation. The Creator plan offers up to 100 monthly credits, up to two avatars per month, stock photos, and social media copy generation. The Business plan offers up to 1,000 monthly credits, product photos, logos and icons, and priority support.

In addition to these plans, Unbound also has an Enterprise plan with team accounts and company monitoring. Users can also access an API, affiliate program, FAQs, and privacy and terms of service.

Overall, Unbound is

TLDR: AI for Automated content creation for businesses and creators. Copy and paste these prompts into heyy.ai.

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Who is heyy.ai AI for?

1. Small business owners who need to create content for their social media and online presence.
2. Online shop owners who need to generate product images and descriptions quickly and efficiently.
3. Freelance creators who need to produce a high volume of content for clients.
4. Marketing agencies who need to streamline their content creation process.
5. Non-profit organizations who need to create eye-catching graphics and compelling copy for their fundraising campaigns.

Automated content creation for businesses and creators. on these platforms

What are the use cases for heyy.ai?

Unbound can be used by small businesses, online shops, and creators for a variety of purposes. Here are some potential use cases:

1. Social media content creation: Small businesses and creators can use Unbound to create content for their social media accounts. With AI copywriting and image generation, users can quickly create high-quality posts that capture their brand's voice and style.

2. E-commerce product creation: Online shops can use Unbound to generate product images that showcase their merchandise in the best possible light. With AI product images and image editing, users can create professional-grade product photos that help drive sales.

3. Logo and branding creation: Unbound's AI logos and icons tool can be used by small businesses and creators to create eye-catching logos and branding materials. This can help businesses establish a strong visual identity and stand out in a crowded market.

4. Content creation for newsletters and email campaigns: Unbound can also be used to generate copy for email campaigns and newsletters. With AI copywriting

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