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Hexowatch AI app

Monitoring and archiving changes on websites.

Why Install Hexowatch AI to replace a human task?
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What is Hexowatch AI?

Hexowatch AI-powered website monitoring tool is a powerful platform that allows users to monitor, detect and archive any changes made to any website. With 13 different monitoring options, users have the flexibility to choose the monitoring options based on their objectives. Hexowatch provides users with options such as visual monitoring, HTML element monitoring, keyword monitoring, technology monitoring, source code monitoring, content monitoring, availability monitoring, domain WHOIS monitoring, sitemap monitoring, API monitoring, backlink monitoring, RSS feed monitoring, and automatic AI monitoring.

Users can fully customize their monitoring preferences, choosing how often they want to be alerted and how sensitive they want the monitoring to be. Hexowatch offers detailed reports, archived snapshots, side-by-side comparisons, and diff reports to highlight any changes. Users can choose to receive alerts via email, Slack, Telegram, or Zapier and can choose the location of the website being monitored.

Hexowatch offers a downloadable .csv file, a Google Sheet, and an RSS

TLDR: AI for Monitoring and archiving changes on websites. Copy and paste these prompts into Hexowatch.

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Who is Hexowatch AI for?

1. Digital marketers who want to track competitor websites and stay ahead of the competition.
2. E-commerce store owners who want to monitor product prices and inventory levels on their website and their competitors' websites.
3. Web developers who want to track changes in source code and ensure their website is functioning properly.
4. Online reputation management professionals who want to monitor online reviews and mentions of their brand or clients.
5. Compliance officers who need to archive website content for legal and regulatory purposes.

Monitoring and archiving changes on websites. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Hexowatch?

Sure! Here are five potential business use cases and other use cases for Hexowatch:

1. E-commerce product monitoring: Online retailers can use Hexowatch to monitor their competitors' product pages and receive alerts when they make changes. This can help them stay competitive and adjust their own pricing or product offerings accordingly. They can also monitor their own product pages to ensure that they are always up-to-date and accurate.

2. Website performance monitoring: Website owners can use Hexowatch to monitor their website's performance, including load times, uptime, and page errors. This can help them identify and fix any issues that could be hurting their user experience or search engine rankings.

3. Brand monitoring: Companies can use Hexowatch to monitor mentions of their brand or products across the web, including on social media, review sites, and news sites. This can help them stay on top of customer feedback and respond quickly to any issues or complaints.

4. Compliance monitoring: Legal and compliance teams can use Hex

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