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Code generation and optimization for improved quality.

Why Install GPT AI to replace a human task?
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What is GPT

GPT95 is a VSCode extension that uses ChatGPT AI to generate, debug, refactor, and explain code while also creating documentation in natural language. This tool is designed to enhance code quality, readability, and performance while saving time and reducing frustration with the help of AI technology. The extension's user interface is inspired by Windows95, providing a sleek and retro look and feel. By feeding prompts into the ChatGPT AI, GPT95 generates optimized and contextually-aware code that identifies and improves performance bottlenecks and errors. The tool also provides natural language explanations of complicated functions and can generate documentation in just a few clicks. GPT95 offers two pricing plans, monthly or yearly, with options for both developers and students. In addition, a fine-tuned GPT3 code model is available for developers for even more advanced code generation capabilities. Users can rest assured that their code is secure and private, as it is never shared or used to train AI models. A 3

TLDR: AI for Code generation and optimization for improved quality. Copy and paste these prompts into GPT.

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Who is GPT for?

1. Programmers who want to optimize their code and improve its readability.
2. Developers who are looking to learn complex code more easily with natural language explanations.
3. Students who need assistance with coding and debugging assignments.
4. Software engineers who want to save time and reduce frustration in their coding process.
5. Anyone interested in exploring the capabilities of AI technology in coding.

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What are the use cases for GPT?

Sure, here are some potential business and other use cases for the GPT95 VSCode extension:

1. Code Generation: Businesses can use GPT95 to automate the generation of code that is optimized for improved quality and readability. This can help reduce development time and improve code consistency across teams.

2. Debugging and Refactoring: GPT95 can help businesses identify and fix performance bottlenecks and errors in their code, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually debugging and refactoring.

3. Documentation: GPT95 can generate documentation for code in just a few clicks, making it easier for developers to understand and maintain codebases.

4. Learning and Teaching: GPT95 can be used by educators to teach programming concepts and by learners to gain a better understanding of complicated code. The natural language explanations can be particularly helpful for those new to programming.

5. Personal Coding Assistant: GPT95 can serve as a personal coding assistant that offers suggestions and improvements as developers write code

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