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Gladia AI app

Converts speech to text in real-time with high accuracy.

Why Install Gladia AI to replace a human task?
Data and Analytics Language and Education Podcast and video transcription SEO and Marketing Text transcription of spoken words

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What is Gladia AI?

Gladia Speech-to-Text API Alpha is a plug-and-play API offered by Gladia, an AI Knowledge Infrastructure platform. It is designed to enable users to extract valuable insights from their audio data through real-time processing with a Word Error Rate as low as 1%. The API is built on Open AI’s Whisper Models, which makes it capable of transcribing one hour of audio in just 10 seconds. One of the major advantages of Gladia's Speech-to-Text API Alpha is that it can support 99 languages. The API is offered for free and is accompanied by tutorials and documentation to ensure that users can seamlessly integrate it into their workflows. Gladia is led by Jean-Louis Queguiner, Founder & CEO, and Jonathan Soto, Co-Founder & CTO, who are both highly qualified and experienced in the field of AI. Gladia is committed to making its APIs accessible and affordable without compromising on quality.

TLDR: AI for Converts speech to text in real-time with high accuracy. Copy and paste these prompts into Gladia.

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Who is Gladia AI for?

1. Content creators who need to transcribe audio and video content for captions and subtitles.
2. Call center operators who need to transcribe customer conversations for data analysis and training purposes.
3. Podcasters who need to transcribe their episodes for show notes and SEO optimization.
4. Researchers who need to transcribe interviews or focus groups for analysis.
5. Language learners who need to transcribe foreign language audio for practice and study.

Converts speech to text in real-time with high accuracy. on these platforms

What are the use cases for Gladia?

1) Call center transcription - Companies with call centers can use Gladia's Speech-to-Text API to transcribe recorded customer calls in real-time, allowing them to analyze the data for trends and insights. This can help improve customer service and identify common issues that need to be addressed.

2) Meeting transcription - Businesses can use Gladia's Speech-to-Text API to transcribe meetings in real-time, allowing them to have a written record of the conversation. This can help with note-taking and follow-up actions, as well as ensuring everyone is on the same page.

3) Podcast and video transcription - Podcasters and video content creators can use Gladia's Speech-to-Text API to transcribe their content, making it more accessible to a wider audience and improving SEO. This can also help with content creation, as creators can scan the transcription for key takeaways and quotes.

4) Language translation - Gladia's Speech-to-Text API supports 99 languages, making it a valuable tool for

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